How Long Do Aluminum Ladders Last? Detailed Discussion

How Long Do Aluminum Ladders Last

Everyone recognizes aluminum ladders: lighter, more practical, less demanding, and easier to maintain. Moreover, Aluminum ladders are often used in high-rise work because they are reliable and safe to use. Despite the structure’s low weight, each step … Read more

How often Should You Inspect a Ladder?

how often should you inspect a ladder

Ladder accidents are as discreet as burglars in the night. You never know when it’s going to happen. You’re just working normally – cleaning the gutters, fixing the windows, or building scaffolding – and then … Read more

How Much Does a Ladder Cost?

how much does a ladder cost

Ladders come in different types and sizes so they’re priced differently too. One seller might sell ladders at more affordable prices while others sell them expensively. That’s why it’s important having some ideas on the … Read more

How to Tie-off a Ladder for Safety?

how to tie off a ladder for safety

Most ladders in the market today come with basic fall protection systems to prevent the user from experiencing fall injuries. Common basic fall protection systems are rubberized feet and a modified head. However, ladders that … Read more

How to Secure a Ladder on Rough Surfaces?

how to secure a ladder

Ladder is kinda lifesaver! They enable us to clean our gutters, paint high walls and attics, reach high ceilings for cleaning, and even serve decorative purposes. However, for a ladder to meet all these needs, … Read more