How Much Does a Ladder Cost?

Ladders come in different types and sizes so they’re priced differently too. One seller might sell ladders at more affordable prices while others sell them expensively. That’s why it’s important having some ideas on the prices of different ladders else you may end up buying a low-quality junky ladder paying a lot of money. So today, this article will answer the question- how much does a ladder cost? Keep reading.

Knowing the type of ladder and how much you’re willing to spend is important. This ensures that the ladder, which you’ll get, lives up to your money’s worth.

A good quality household ladder costs around $100 to $300 on average. But designs, materials, and type of the ladder may also cause the price to increase or decrease a bit. For example- a fiberglass ladder usually costs higher than an aluminum ladder.

Here’s a quick guide that’ll provide you with a brief run-down of the prices of various ladders in the market right now.

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How Much Does Extension Ladder Cost?

How much is a 20 ft extension ladder? In Amazon, 20-foot extension ladders cost about 200 – 400 dollars. Specifically, these extension ladders consist of telescoping extension ladders and conventional ladders.

Moreover, these extension ladders are usually typed III or type II. This means that most ladders that you’ll get from Amazon are only suitable for personal use and simple heavy-duty construction projects.

12 and 15 ft extension ladders are a bit cheaper. You can buy them on Amazon for 100-300 dollars. Again, these ladders are mostly conventional and telescoping ladders that only work well for projects that don’t require very heavy equipment.

E-bay has more diverse pricing than Amazon. 20 ft ladders that you’ll get there are sold between $70 to $600 price range.

On the other hand, you can get 12 or 15 ft extension ladders for 100 dollars. But the problem is 12 ft extension ladders in E-bay are mostly telescoping ladders.

How Much Does A Step Ladder Cost?

There is no average pricing for step ladders. The price depends on their type and reach. But to get the picture, I’ll give an idea about how much is a 12 ft step-ladder since most get this one.

step ladder cost

On Amazon, 12 ft step ladders are sold between 100 – 200 dollars. Though cheap, these step ladders are already good because they come with precautionary features such as rubber feet, joint locks, bucket or paint platform, and anti-slip steps.

Short step ladders, those similar to the ones used in libraries for helping people reach books on top of the shelves, are cheaper.

You can buy them on Amazon for 50 – 100 dollars. Usually, these short step ladders are either made of durable plastic, aluminum, or wood.

E-bay is more expensive on its step ladders. Good ones cost about 250 – 650 dollars. Short ones have an average pricing of 85 – 120 dollars.

How Much Does A 40-FT Ladder Cost?

I don’t recommend you to buy 40-foot ladders on E-bay or Amazon. 40-foot ladders are for heavy-duty purposes. That’s why you should buy from sellers that specialize in marketing construction supplies.

By the way, the best 40 ft ladders are extension ladders. They’re less bulky because you can retract them when not in use.

The minimum price of the most 40 ft ladders in online and brick and mortar hardware stores is 700 dollars. These ladders are Type I A and are ideal for lengthy heavy-duty construction projects.

How Much Are Ladder Rentals?

If you don’t want to buy Type I A or Type I AAA ladders because you’ll be using them fully once, renting them is a great option. Hardware stores provide ladder rentals to clients. One good example is Home Depot.

The price of ladder rentals varies depending on the length of the ladder that you’ll be borrowing. However, standard pricing for a 10 ft ladder starts at 5 or 10 dollars. Additional charges apply for ladders longer than this.

By the way, the rental duration is calculated by hourly intervals. For example, a 10 dollar rent for a 10 ft ladder may only allow you to use it for 2 or 3 hours. If you want to rent a ladder now then visit

Where to Find Used Ladders for Sale?

You should try Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is a feature on Facebook that allows people to sell used and new items.

What’s good about the FB market is that it shows you the ladder listings made by owners who are living close to you.

Furthermore, sellers are very responsive and you can even bargain with them. Here is my recommended FB group.


No matter whether you are buying a used ladder or new one, make sure that they are good in quality and fit your needs. It’s important because if you buy a wrong ladder with very low price then the total amount of money is wastage. In a nutshell, don’t just focus on price, also emphasize on the quality.

You can check out our ladder reviews here, the ladders we reviewed are very high in quality and also affordable.

Today, that’s all about the ladder cost breakdown, I hope all of your questions related to how much does a ladder cost are resolved. If you still have questions or feel confused on any point then feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section.

I’ll be happy to respond to you. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, have a great ladder use experience.