Top 10 Adjustable Stair Ladders (Reviewed)

Working on stairs can be a nightmare, especially when you are using a chair to balance. One wrong move, such as overreaching, could land you on the floor real fast, and there is no telling how to hurt you will get. It’s even worse when you are holding items on your hands while still struggling to balance, like while you are painting or hanging up decorations around the stairs. That is where an adjustable stair ladder comes in handy!

So, what is an adjustable stair ladder?

An adjustable ladder is simply a ladder whose physical appearance you can alter for the job or operation you are carrying. Have you ever seen the long weird-looking ladder a handyman uses while painting the upstairs of a theatre? That is a perfect example of an adjustable stair ladder. These ladders have extensions that help in balancing the ladder further on uneven surfaces.

So, if you want to decorate your home, or get something from your attic, hang some curtains or paint the walls above your stairs, an adjustable ladder for stairs is the best choice. So I have compiled here 10 of the best ladders for stairs to ensure that you are safe at the workplace and home.

Besides that, I have also published another resourceful post which is more specific on finding the best ladder for painting stairs. So if you are about to paint your high walls around risky stairs then check it out today. I also have a comprehensive guide on how to use a combination ladder on stairs. There is more for you, so read on to find out!

1. Little Giant 12022-801 Revolution M22 Adjustable Ladder For Stairs

While working on the stairs can be extremely dangerous due to the unevenness of the steps, the little giant revolution with ratcheting comes in handy. The adjustable stair ladder can be used in two forms: an extension ladder with adjustable legs or an a-frame ladder.

In a-frame design, it can be adjusted to a maximum standing height of 6.8ft and a maximum reach of 13.2ft.

While in extension use, it has a maximum standing height of 15.6 feet and a maximum reach of 22 feet. You are guaranteed to access even the highest staircase with this ladder.

Stability is everything if you want to ensure ultimate security. This ladder has extra-wide rungs that are designed with treads to prevent slipping or skidding.

The legs are also extra wide-flared for maximum stability and balance. These features can ensure you are extra safe while working on your stares or grabbing something from your attic.

Also, this adjustable ladder for stairs is designed with patented quad-lock hinges, which provide room for easy adjustment and to eliminate spreader bars.

You can also use the included trestle brackets, which serve as a scaffolding system to help in saving time. This ladder is also designed with a slim fit for storage.

2. Select Step Adjustable Stair Ladder By Little Giant Ladders

This step ladder for stairs is adjustable between 5-8 feet depending on your usage needs, and the ladder is suitable for using on staircases and any uneven surfaces for that matter.

How is this possible? The sides of this ladder telescopes incrementally depending on the surface you are working on to provide the flexibility you need. You are guaranteed of safety even on sloping ground.

What’s more, this ladder is suitable for working on your staircases, whether painting or hanging decorations, because it comes with a 120 square platform.

The platform is secure and strong to support up to 300 pounds of weight. That means it can carry an average weighted adult, or even two. You can reach the topmost part of your stairs while standing on this ladder very comfortably.

The little giant select step ladder is very easy to use and adjust. It features a rock-lock system which allows for a simple push and tap sequence to lock and unlock the system.

You can adjust the extension ladder with adjustable legs within seconds ad even configure it to a 90-degree ladder for more security. Finally, the ladder is made with lightweight but high-quality material, which is durable and portable.

Also, instead of carrying, you can easily pull the ladder, thanks to the tip and glide wheels.

3. Little giant ladder systems 15109-001

Little giant ladder systems do it again as the company is known for providing the best ladders for staircases. This specific adjustable stair ladder is very lightweight but remains unmatched in stability.

The ladder is designed to hold weights of up to 300 pounds, making it suitable for adults. It can function as a two-person ladder, which is essential for working in high places.

The ladder can be used as a step ladder, a-frame, extension ladder, a 90-degrees ladder, and a scaffolding system.

The ladder is suitable for stairs and other uneven areas since it telescopes on both sides. You can, therefore, set a suitable size for working on staircases.

The unique feature of this staircase is stability, which is enhanced by the no-pinch comfort step.

The ladder also features the patent-pending select step, which serves to enhance the safety of the user while climbing on the ladder.

4. Cosco aluminum staircase ladder

The Cosco aluminum telescoping ladder is another go-to best adjustable ladder for the staircase. The ladder is convenient for a couple of jobs since it can be converted into an A-frame ladder, extension, 90-degrees ladder, and scaffolding system.

The ladder is suitable for use on staircases since it telescopes on either side of the ladder.

You can then adjust either side to be shorter for the lower stair. It is also suitable for use on uneven ground or places that are sloppy.

The adjustable stair ladder is designed with secure patented hinges and large spring locking levers.

What makes this ladder safe is the fact that it is wide-flared at the bottom to occupy a lot of space to lower the gravity.

Furthermore, the rungs are also wide and treaded to ensure you will not slip while working. The feet of the ladder are made with rubber so as to prevent skidding and unnecessary movement while in use.

It’s also very easy to use since you can adjust to any position effortlessly. You can also fold it flat for storage to ensure it takes minimal storage space.

5. Little giant 15130-001 select step fiberglass

A step ladder for stairs should do more than just assist you in getting near the staircase. I should also provide you with maximum security and stability.

The little giant fiberglass sleet does just that! Apart from keeping you stable, it also ensures that you can work near live electrical circuits, which are quite common on staircases.

The rails of this ladder are constructed with non-conductive fiberglass resin composite, which does not contact electricity. The ladder also comes with a comfortable platform at a height between 3-6 feet in order to access the high parts of the staircases.

The platform offers steady heel-toe support, no matter how the ladder is used. This ladder has been designed without the top rung, which is unsafe for using to protect first-time users and these without experience from accidental falls.

One of the main causes of accidents while using the ladder is using the wrong ladder for the job or overreaching.

This extension stair ladder with legs is specially designed to prevent such occurrences since it is fully adjustable on both sides.

You can use it at different heights, depending on the task at hand. What makes it safe for stairs and other obstacles if because both sides telescope independently. Select step fiber is the only of its kind, which allows you to work on stairs and other uneven ground.

The ladder is also designed with ANSI type IAA duty rating. With this ladder, I’m looking at 375lb maximum weight capacity. It is available in 5-8″ and 6-10″ models for you to choose one that suits you best.

6. Little Giant Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

If you are looking for the best ladder for stairs, then look no further. This little angel velocity is adjustable and can be converted to five different ways. You can use it as an A-frame ladder, an extension ladder, a scaffolding system, and a 90-degrees ladder.

It can also be used as a staircase ladder, making it suitable for use on staircases and uneven or sloping ground. Another reason this ladder is very popular is that it is comfortable and stable for use.

It comes with wide-flared legs with rubber feet to ensure you will not slip pf wobble once on it. The ladder is also designed to reduce back and foot pain as well as strain.

You don’t need to worry about moving around the stairs for work with this ladder as it comes with wheels that glide over surfaces for easier movement.

The stairs can support a weight of 300 pounds, making it safe even for heavy adults.

7. TOPRUNG Ladder

TOPRUNG is another functional, multi-use ladder that is suitable for use on the staircase. It can be used as a stepladder, wall ladder, 90-degrees ladder, and scaffold frame.

If you are looking for the best ladder to decorate stairs, then you are at the right place, the TOPRUNG ladder meets all the qualities required of a staircase ladder starting with stability.

TOPRUNG is made from high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum material that guarantees its stability. The ladder can hold up to 300lbs of weight, meaning it can carry the user and his tools.

It also has full extensions to facilitate adjustments. The ladder can be extended to heights between 4-7 feet as a staircase ladder. In addition to the security features, this ladder features extended rungs for comfort and stability.

Also, the rungs are treaded to avoid slipping, the feet of the wide-fetched legs are made from rubber which is skid-resistant to prevent accidents.

8. Little Giant 22 Dark Horse Multi-Use Fiberglass Ladder

Little giant dark horse m22 is the lightest of the fiberglass design family. The ladder is outstandingly strong and stable for cleaning or working on staircases and other uneven or sloping grounds.

The ladder is designed with wide-flared feet that maintain stability and protect from imbalancing. The base of each leg is made with rubber feet since rubber is slip-resistant and firm on the surface.

The whole ladder is made from high-quality, heavy-duty aluminum material making it suitable for bearing weights of up to 300 pounds.

Little giant dark horse with a ratchet is a multipurpose ladder that can be adjusted into 33 unique configurations, among them being a-frame ladder, extension, wall-ladder, and a 90-degree ladder.

It is actually the only fiberglass in the market that is multi-purpose.

The ladder is suitable for use in electric danger since the rungs of the ladder are fiberglass, which is a non-conductor of electricity.

9. Little Giant Ladders 10121 Skyscraper

If you want to reach those cranky corners of your staircases, theatres, stadium seating, and more, look no further than this adjustable staircase ladder. The skyscraper multiuse adjustable ladder is suitable for reaching uneven and sloppy surfaces as the ladder.

The ladder also guarantees extra stability thanks to the heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum material. This ensures that the ladder can hold up to 300-pounds of weight. It is capable of carrying an adult user and the tools without collapsing.

The little giant sky scrapper m21 adjustable stepladder can extend up to 21 feet a-frame, which is suitable for reaching even high ceilings and attics, the ladder comes with wide-fetched legs to ensure complete stability.

But for better safety, I recommend the best ladder for high ceilings while trying to reach out on attics or high ceilings.

The rungs of the ladder are also wide for comfort, and they are made with treads and non-slip design to minimize accidents. The feet of the ladder are made with rubber since runner cannot slip, and it holds on firmly on whichever surface.

10. Flip-N-Lite Stepladder with Platform

The Flip-N-Lite stepladder makes working on stairs an effortless task. The ladder is very light and portable but is made from durable material. The ladder is also a type of IA extra heavy-duty rating, which means the ladder can withhold a maximum of 30 pounds. This ladder can carry any heavyweight adult.

Whether your goal is to reach the top of your staircase or do some repainting on some high walls, this ladder comes in handy with this task. It can be adjusted to different heights to facilitate this.

You also do not need to overreach as the Flip-N-Lite stepladder can be extended to a maximum reach of 3 feet standing level and 10-feet max reach in a-frame. The ladder is very lightweight to facilitate moving around different places while working.

The ladder’s slim profile also facilitates storage without taking up a lot of space. I love that this stepladder comes with a platform that is made from a high-quality material that can hold the weight of an adult.

The platform is also extremely secure and stable while working or reaching to your attic for items.

How to use a combination ladder on stairs?

stair ladder with adjustable legs

Ladders and stairs do not really fit together. Using a ladder on stairs, especially if you are using the wrong ladder, is a gamble many are not willing to take. There are thousands of possibilities of falling and hurting yourself badly.

The main problem with cleaning or decorating around the stairs is an uneven floor surface.

A staircase is made of different levels of surfaces, which makes it difficult to balance the ladder. The slightest movement on the ladder could lead to slipping off the step.

Staircases also have inadequate space for placing a ladder. You will, therefore, need a freestanding ladder to allow room to maneuvered and balance. If the space is inadequate, there will be a temptation to overreach, and tripping may happen.

Combination ladders are specially designed for working on ladders; for instance, if you are looking for a stairwell ladder, a combination ladder is the most suitable.

Combination ladders can be assembled in different combinations, with some giving as many as 30 options. They can be configured as traditional straight ladders or the extension ladders, double-sided stepladders, and stepladders for painting stairs.

They are viable for many options, doing away with the need to have multiple ladders, therefore saving money. There are different types of combination ladders, such as the two sections, three-section, three-way combination, and the multipurpose ladders.

It should be noted that not combination ladders are suitable for use on stairs and areas of unequal ground. Some like the three-way combination ladders are only suitable where the staircase is very narrow and short.

Before you can use a combination ladder, you need to set it up correctly. To set up a combination ladder for stairs, you need to:

Watch the video for ladder safety before you get on an adjutable stair ladder

First, remove the extension piece from the combination ladder and let your ladder stand with the stabilizing bar on the staircase. If you notice that the ladder is not stabilizing, you need to move it around until you find the right spot.

Hinge the base and mid ladder sections so that they can stay in place on the step of the ladder. Ensure that the rung hooks are facing the right direction as per the instruction guide. Different combination ladders for stairs may have varying instructions.

Once you have secured all the necessary rungs according to the guide, stand the extension piece on the step that is immediately lower from the one you plan on working from.

Adjust the metal locking bars accordingly until they are steady enough. Your combination ladder is ready to use.

You need to ensure that the feet of the ladder are far from the step edges as possible before getting on it. It’s also a good idea to tie the ladder to a banister to prevent slipping.

Do I need adjustable ladder while cleaning gutters?

The answer is, it depends. If putting your ladder on uneven surfaces while cleaning gutters then a conventional ladder isn’t just enough. You must use a special ladder. I also have a resourceful handy post on using a ladder for cleaning gutters. Don’t forget to check that out. Thank you.