9 Absolute Best Ladder for High Ceilings in 2020

best ladder for high ceilings
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High ceilings are the toughest place to reach in your home. Once in a while, you will notice that dust or spiderwebs accumulated on the ceiling or it’s just time for repainting. If you don’t want to call your handyman for these reasons, then it’s time to get up there on your high ceiling. So, you definitely need the best ladder for high ceilings.

High ceiling ladders are a lifesaver! These ladders allow access to a high ceiling that would otherwise need a lift or scaffolding, which are very costly.

We have put together the 9 best indoor ladders for high ceilings in the market right now for you to choose your convenient one. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Top 9 Best Ladder for High Ceilings [Reviewed]

1. Little Giant Ladder Systems 12026 RevolutionXE

Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, M26, 26 ft, Multi-Position Ladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300 lbs weight rating (12026)
  • Multi-position ladder converts to stepladder, extension, trestle-and-plank, 90-degree and staircase with ease.
  • Metal Rock Lock adjusters instantly alter your ladder into different configurations.
  • Type IA ladder is rated to hold 300 lbs.
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards.
  • Storage Dimensions: 9" Depth x 6'7" Height.

The RevoltionXE multi-use ladder is one of the best indoor ladder high ceilings. The ladder comes with unmatched stability as it employs the use of a quad-lock hinge system. It also has wide-flared legs with rubber feet for stability anywhere, including uneven ground. It’s also made with heavy-duty, high-quality material.

The rungs of this ladder are also made with an anti-slip design to ensure safety while using.

It’s lightweight to facilitate movement from one place to the next without exhaustion.

What’s more, it is effortless to use, even for newbies.

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The ladder system can be used in different sizes as an a-frame, extension ladder, scaffold system, and a 90-degrees ladder. You don’t need another ladder for your handy jobs. You can reach some of the toughest areas with his ladders, including your high ceilings.

2. Little Giant 12022 Revolution Multi-Use Ladder

Little Giant Ladder Systems 12022 Revolution Use, 22 Foot Multi-Purpose Ladder, Ft, Gray
  • Multi-position ladder converts to stepladder, extension, trestle-and-plank, 90-degree and staircase with ease.
  • Metal Rock Lock adjusters instantly alter your ladder into different configurations.
  • Type IA ladder is rated to hold 300 lbs.
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards.
  • B0046LVG1Q (Revolution 22’) doesn't include Ratcheting Levelers. View B00OS7P1VE for ladder with Ratcheting Levelers (Revolution 22’ with Ratcheting Levelers).

There is no high ceiling that is inaccessible when you have a 22-foot ladder at your disposal! The little giant revolution ladder ensures maximum stability while steel, ensuring you get unlimited access to your high ceiling. It is the best ladder for painting high ceilings, changing bulbs, or just doing general cleaning.

With the unmatched height comes exceptional stability. The ladder for high ceilings is designed with aircraft-grade aluminum material, which is not only stable but also durable.

Other safety measures put in place include the mag4 hinge for locking the ladder in place.

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It also comes with wide-flared legs, which are designed with rubber feet for safety.

Little giant revolution ladder also serves as a multi-use ladder that can be transformed into five different scaffolding positions, a-frame, extension ladder, and 90-degrees ladder.

3. Werner D6220-2 Extension Ladder

Werner D6220-2 Extension-ladders, 20-Foot
  • Commercial Brand: Werner
  • Import from: Mexico
  • Material handling
  • Country of Origin: UNITED STATES

The Werner extension ladder is a production of one of the best manufacturers in the market. The ladder is built for safety and durability. It has a Type IA duty rating, which allows this ladder to carry a maximum of 300 pounds. This ladder can carry almost every adult.

The ladder is also made with fiberglass non-conducive rails, which guarantee safety even near electricity.

The rungs are made from traction-tread, a slip-resistant design that ensures you can climb and stand safely. The rung-rail connections are also twist-proof.

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Guaranteed safety? This ladder for a high ceiling is 20 feet long, allowing you access to every corner of the ceiling. It is also easily extendable for ease in use.

4. Little Giant Ladders 10121 Skyscraper Step-ladder

Little Giant Ladders, SkyScraper, M21, 11-21 Foot, Stepladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300 lbs Weight Rating, (10121)
  • Adjustable step ladder allows you to reach skylights, chandeliers and vaulted ceilings.
  • Adjusts to work over staircases, theater seating and sloping ground.
  • Lock Tab adjusters quickly alter your ladder into different heights.
  • Type IA ladder is rated to hold 300 lbs. on both sides.
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards.

If you are scared to death to go on an extension ladder, you are not alone! The Little Giant Skyscraper ladder has got you! The ladder can reach anywhere on your ceiling and further services for your staircases and gutter cleaning.

The high ceiling ladder can be used as an A-foot ladder to replace expensive scaffolding and lift systems.

It is lightweight hence easy to move around the room while working on your high ceiling.

It’s crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum material, which guarantees stability and duality. The hinge-lock system further ensures safety.

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If you are planning to clean your gutters then don’t go with any conventional ladders, we recommend finding a special one that is built with special care. You may want to check out our handy reviews on the best ladder to clean gutters.

5. Louisville As1020 Ladder

TACKLIFE Telescoping Ladder, 17 Feet Aluminum Extension Ladder with 2 Flexible Wheels, Safe Protective Switch, Non-Slip Rubber Feet, 300lb Capacity Multi-Use Ladder
  • 【VERSATILE】- Five ladders in one: A-frame ladder, step ladder, 90 degree ladder, wall ladder or as a scaffold system. Can be used on uneven ground. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Buy one ladder to meet all your needs!
  • 【"J " QUICK LOCK】- Easily adjust the length and configuration of the ladder faster and easier than other multi-use ladder systems with "J " QUICK LOCK.
  • 【HIGH-QUALIFIED】- Made of aircraft grade aluminum, exceeding ANSI standards and industrial rated up to 300, this Telescoping Ladder provides long-lasting durability.
  • 【SAFE & COMFORTABLE】- Safe Protective Switch and Non-Slip Rubber Feet provide firm support. Professional-grade ladder with double-riveted steps(1.2 in.) makes this extension ladder more comfortable when in use.
  • 【CONVENIENT】- Fully Assembled, ready to be used. Come with big wheels(3.94 inch), easy to move when working. Small in size after folding, easy to transport in the trunk of the car and easy to store in a small space, completely out of the way.

The Louisville as1020 is a type IA ladder meaning it can carry a maximum load capacity of 300 pounds. The ladder can bear the weight of an average adult going up the ladder, including the tools.

With a 20-foot reach, you can get access to your ceiling for painting, changing bulbs, or cleaning.

This ladder can also be converted to a step ladder for those times you need to feel extra safe.

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To meet the safety standard requirements, this Louisville ladder is constructed with aclidinium body and feet, which are attached with rubber treads. You can comfortably use this ladder anywhere indoors and even outdoors on unequal grounds. The rungs are also designed with spreader braces.

6. Little Giant Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

Louisville Ladder AS1020 Step Ladder, 20-Foot
  • Aluminum angle feet with thick rubber tread on all four legs to provide sure footing
  • 300-Pound, load capacity, includes weight of user and tools
  • Inside spreader braces, spreader braces located inside of side rails protect braces from getting hooked or abused in transit
  • The ladder meets or exceeds the safety standards set by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  • TYPE IA 300 POUND LOAD CAPCITY rating step ladder includes Heavy Duty Gusset Bracing with reinforced bottom rear braces

Looking for a high-ceiling ladder that can double up as a ladder for other chores such as cleaning gutters? The little giant velocity multi-use ladder is the best option.

The ladder comes with a maximum height reach of 22 feet but can be converted into a 19-foot extension ladder.

It also doubles into an A-frame ladder, a scaffold system, and a 90-degree ladder.

With little giant velocity, you buy one ladder that does the work of five.

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With this ladder, you can also enjoy maximum stability. It is a designed dual-pin hinge and a palm and hinges system-triple locking hinge. It is also designed with wide-flared legs for stability.

The ladder can hold a maximum weight of 300 pounds and can be used as a two-person ladder. Reach your high ceiling while still taking safety into your hands with this ladder.

7. Tacklife Multiuse Ladder

Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, M26, 26 ft, Multi-Position Ladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300 lbs weight rating (12026)
  • Multi-position ladder converts to stepladder, extension, trestle-and-plank, 90-degree and staircase with ease.
  • Metal Rock Lock adjusters instantly alter your ladder into different configurations.
  • Type IA ladder is rated to hold 300 lbs.
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards.
  • Storage Dimensions: 9" Depth x 6'7" Height.

Tacklife multi-use ladder is another prosing ladder that offers 17 feet of length to reach your ceilings. The ladder can be used as an a-frame, step-ladder, wall ladder, 90-degrees ladder, and a scaffold ladder.

It’s designed with a quick-lock system that is easily adjustable, depending on the length you wish to get from it.

The ladder is also made with high-quality, heavy-duty aluminum material, which guarantees stability.

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The feet are not only wide-flared, but they are also designed with non-slip rubber making the ladder suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

8. Werner T7416 Fiberglass Ladder

Little Giant 10126LG 300-Pound Duty Rating Ladder System, 26-Foot
  • Includes Tip & Glide Wheels and Triple-locking Hinge
  • Extension height 13 feet to 23 feet, stepladder height 6 feet to 11 feet
  • Factory Lifetime Warranty
  • 300-pound work load capacity
  • Stores in 1/4 its extended height

If your high ceiling is around 18 feet high, the Werner t7416 ladder is suitable for your cleaning and painting needs. The ladder is a type IA that can support up to 300 pounds.

It’s also made from heavy-duty aluminum material, which makes it safe for climbing great heights.

The rungs are designed with fiberglass and made anti-slip for safety while at work.

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The ladder’s rungs are also double riveted to support weights. What we love about this ladder is that it’s non-conducive protecting from electrical hazards.

You can set your ladder on uneven ground, indoors or outdoors thanks to the rubber feet which prevent slipping.

9. Little Giant 10126lg Ladder System

Twin Stepladder,Fbrgls,IAA,10ft,T7400
  • Commercial Brand: Werner
  • Import from: Mexico
  • Material handling
  • Country of Origin: MEXICO

Little giant ladders have proven to be the best year after year. This ladder can be used as an extension ladder or a step ladder. As an extension ladder, it can be extended between 13-26 feet while it can be used as a step ladder at the height of up to 12 feet.

The safety and stability of this ladder do not fall far from others from the little giant.

It employs similar safety guidelines, such as the wide-flared feet for stability.

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The ladder also has a triple-locking system for safety and stability. We love that this ladder comes with glide wheels for easier movement.

best indoor ladder for high ceilings
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Why should you use a high ceiling ladder?

While there are other methods, such as scaffolding, they are costly. I mean, why would you need to spend a fortune on a scaffold while you only need to reach your ceiling once or twice in forever?

Also, they need you to assemble them from scratch, and they can be challenging to use if you are not a pro.

So, why should you use the best ladder for high ceilings? Below are some considering points-

Safe to use

Every time you want to get on a ladder, the first thing on your mind is your safety on ladder, of course. Traditional ladders are precarious to use when you want to get up there for cleaning or painting those high ceilings.

A conventional ladder is not long enough, and you will be forced to stand on the last three rungs, which is very dangerous and you may face ladder injuries anytime. High ceiling ladders are very long and easy to use. They guarantee access to the ceiling without straining or risking your life.

 They provide more access to high ceilings

The best high ceiling ladder is designed to be adjustable to whichever height you want without ever having to use the top rungs. These ladders, therefore, allow you to work at the angle you most feel comfortable and provide more reach to different parts of the ceiling.

High Ceiling Ladders are Easy to use

Think about a scaffolding system. It is tough to assemble unless you are a pro, of course. To make things worse, every time you want to move to a new position, you need to assemble it again!

High ceiling ladders, on the other hand, are as easy to use as a, b, c. Using a high ceiling ladder is as easy as it gets.

Apart from being adjustable to a different height, you can also move the ladder anywhere you want. They are built lightweight and some with wheels for ease when carrying around.


It's all about finding the best quality ladders & safety of handyman while working with ladder.

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