7 Best Ladder to Clean Gutters in 2022

A ladder for cleaning gutters is one of the most important tools in a home, but sadly its often overlooked. Most homeowners end up with a low-quality junky ladder because they do not know how to choose the best ladder to clean gutters. If you are here, it means you are looking to clean your gutters soon enough.

But you know what? finding a good ladder is incredibly difficult and confusing as well because several brands out there are selling ladders for gutter cleaning purposes.

The truth is, only a few of them worth buying. So today, I’ve compiled the 7 best ladders for cleaning gutters so that you can easily buy yours. I’ve also gathered all the necessary gutter cleaning tips and tricks together for you. So stick with me and keep reading.

In addition, using gutter protectors while cleaning gutters is always a plus if you don’t want to damage or leave any scratches on your good looking gutters. I also have a handy review of the top 7 gutter protectors for ladder, check it out.

Top 7 Best Ladder to Clean gutters [Reviewed]

1. Louisville Ladder FE3224 – (The best one for cleaning gutters)

Louisville Ladder FE3224 Foot Extension Ladder, 16 feet, Orange
  • NON-CONDUCTIVE: Crafted with fiberglass for non-conductive safety assurance, this extension ladder combines strength and durability.
  • MAXLOCK RUNG LOCK: Engineered with your safety in mind, custom engineered specifically for our extension ladders from a patented, advanced molecular polymer.
  • QUICKLATCH SYSTEM: Seamlessly offers a straightforward and intuitive solution for our extension ladders, securing both the fly and base sections during extension.
  • SAFE AND STABLE: Steel Swivel Safety Shoe with metal shield specifically designed for extension ladders, ensures stability and safety even on uneven surfaces.
  • STURDY AND STRONG: With its 300-Pound capacity, elegant design and smooth finish, you won’t find a more durable, reliable 16-foot Extension Ladder.

With a 24 feet extension capacity, the Louisville ladder can be used for a 2-storeyed building with gutters. The ladder offers a robust extension ladder for safely cleaning your gutters without a worry. The legs are designed with anti-slip rubber to ensure it can be used in different and uneven surfaces.

You will also love this ladder because of its adjustability. The ladder comes in an adjustable rung design, which allows you to get the ladder in whatever position you want in just seconds.

You also don’t need to worry about the stability as the ladder comes in a stable steel frame to ensure both stability and durability.

2. Aluminum Extension Ladder

Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels, M26, 26 Ft, Multi-Position Ladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300 lbs Weight Rating, (15426-001)
  • Multi-position ladder converts to A-frame, extension, trestle-and-plank, 90-degree and staircase with ease
  • Rock Lock adjusters quickly alter your ladder into different configurations
  • Tip & Glide wheels for easy transport from job to job
  • Type IA ladder is rated to hold 300 pounds. Stepladder Size- 6 feet 6 inch - 11 feet 6 inch, Top Width-1 feet 6 inch
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards

If you are looking for a ladder for all purposes in your house, this ladder is perfect for you. You can use this aluminum ladder as scaffold frames, staircase ladder, and wall ladder for cleaning your gutters.

The ladder can extend 19.5 feet, which makes it suitable for even one-story buildings. It also has security measures in place, such as the wide-flared legs. It also comes with wheels to help with moving the ladder from one place to another.

It’s made using aluminum material, which is strong enough to support adults 350 pounds. It also prevents the ladder from rust and corrosion.

3. Louisville Ladder AE3228

Louisville Ladder 16-foot Aluminium Extension Ladder, 250-Pound Load Capacity, Type I, AE3228
  • STRONG YET LIGHTWEIGHT: Our aluminum extension ladder strikes the perfect balance between strength and lightweight design, making it easy to maneuver and transport.
  • MEETS OR EXCEEDS INDUSTRY STANDARDS: Commited with your safety requirements, this extension ladder meets or exceeds all safety standards set by ANSI and OSHA.
  • QUICKLATCH SYSTEM: Seamlessly offers a straightforward and intuitive solution for our extension ladders, securing both the fly and base sections during extension.
  • SAFE AND STABLE: Steel Swivel Safety Shoe with Metal Shield specifically designed for extension ladders, ensures stability and safety even on uneven surfaces.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Our extension ladder features modified I-Beam side rails, crafted from full 3-inch extrusions for superior strength and lightweight construction, with interlocking rails for added stability and safety.

Louisville is a master in producing the best ladder for cleaning gutters. With this 28-foot aluminum ladder, there is no limit to the gutters you can clean. The ladder is also designed to carry a maximum weight of 250 pounds, making it suitable for adults.

This ladder also has a lot of features in place for your safety. It is equipped with the MAX LOCK rung lock for heavy users. The ladder also has the Quicklatch rung lock system, which ensures maximum stability at the fly and base of the ladder.

In addition, it comes with d-shaped rungs that are serrated to prevent accidental slips. The feet of the ladder have steel-plated shoes for safety.

4. Xtend and Climb 785P

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-Foot
  • Ladder telescopes retracts compactly
  • Extends and locks by the foot with easy no pinch closure system
  • Integrated carrying handle heavy duty closure strap and extended ladder height is 15 feet 6 inches
  • No pinch closure system non-slip end caps. Weight: 36 pounds
  • ANSI/OSHA Rated

If you are looking for something unique for cleaning your gutters, the Xtend An Climb is one viable option. The ladder is designed with aerospace, which makes it possible to reach your gutters for cleaning.

What we love about this ladder is its portability. It is so light you will barely remember you are carrying a ladder. It’s also integrated with a carrying handle to help your port it from one place to another.

The ladder is made from aluminum material, which is known for its durability. It is also completed with anti-slip feet for use on uneven surfaces. The ladder also comes with an indicator to alert you if its locked and safe for use.

5. Little Giant 12022 – (Highly suggested ladder to clean gutters)

Little Giant Ladders, Revolution, M22, 22 ft, Multi-Position Ladder, Aluminum, Type 1A, 300, 300 lbs weight rating, (12022)
  • Multi-position ladder converts to stepladder, extension, trestle-and-plank, 90-degree and staircase with ease.
  • Metal Rock Lock adjusters instantly alter your ladder into different configurations.
  • Type IA ladder is rated to hold 300 lbs.
  • Meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards.
  • B0046LVG1Q (Revolution 22’) doesn't include Ratcheting Levelers. View B00OS7P1VE for ladder with Ratcheting Levelers (Revolution 22’ with Ratcheting Levelers).

Little Giant is definitely one of the most popular ladders in the market today. Its weight is everything since it made exceptionally lightweight for portability.

With a ton of features, you are guaranteed to get more than just a ladder with this little giant ladder for cleaning gutters.

Among one of its best features is the adjustability. The ladder can be used in different configurations such as a frame, extension, staircase as well as 90 degrees ladder.

With wide flared legs, you are guaranteed stability, which is further reinforced by strong aluminum construction.

This ladder can be used to reach up to 23 feet gutters, making it suitable for two-storeyed houses. It has a quad-lock system that ensures you are stable by locking the ladder in place with four pins.

It also has rock locks that enable you to adjust your ladder fast when working.

Instead of getting down from the ladder each time you want to move to a different position, this ladder comes with wheels to move the ladder.

You can also use the wheels to propel the ladder from place to place when not in use instead of carrying.

6. Top-rung model

TOPRUNG Model-17 22 ft. Aluminum Extension Multi-Purpose Ladder with 300 lb. Load Capacity Type IA Duty Rating
  • 【Multi-Use Design】 five ladders in one,Step ladder, extension ladder, stairway ladder, wall ladder and scaffold frames
  • 【High quality】made of aircraft grade aluminum,exceeds the ANSI standard and holds up to 300 lbs.
  • 【Convenient】Fully Assembled ,ready to use and Compact storage position is great for storage and taking the ladder up stairs
  • 【Safety & Comfort】Wider rungs for standing comfort and Slip-resistant feet make it more stable when in use
  • 【2 Years Warranty】100% customer satisfaction guarantee if you have any problems ,please feel free to contact us

Toprung is renowned for its high-quality manufacturing ladders. The ladder is acquired from a professional manufacturer with over 20 years in the business.

This ladder is 17 feet, making it suitable for single-story buildings and bungalows with gutters.

The stability of the Toprung model ladder makes it reliable when it comes to cleaning gutters since it can support the adult weight. The ladder is made beyond international standards, making it to our list of the best ladder for cleaning gutters.

It’s made with aircraft-grade aluminum material for stability and also durability since the material is resistant to rust.

The adjustability of this ladder is its strongest point. It is a good bet for you if you are looking for the best type of ladder to clean gutters. It’s very easy to extend to whatever height you wish.

You can retract this ladder when you have reached the maximum height to comfortably clean your gutters.

7. Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

WolfWise 12.5FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, Newly Telescopic Extension Ladder 330lbs Capacity
  • Smart-Close system: Due to the upgrading of the internal structure, each step falls slowly and smoothly when retracting, the problem of pinching hand is completely solved.
  • One-Button Retraction: It takes only 5-8 seconds to retract the ladder from its full extension, convenient and safe.
  • Selected Material: Made of aerospace engineered 6061 aluminum alloy with a Clean-Touch anodized finish, making the ladder have 330 lbs of weight capacity.
  • Easy Portability: Compact Storage Size - Its fully extended height is 12.5feet, and the storage size is only ¼ of that. Fixed with heavy-duty strap for easy transport and storage in your trunk or other limited space.
  • Considerate Design: Integrated carrying handle with heavy-duty closure strap for convenient storage and transport.

The ladder is convenient and easy to use with a unique design. The fact that its lightweight makes it even more attractive because you can easily move it from one place to another.

The ladder also comes with separate independent locks that allow the user to adjust the ladder according to the height of the gutter.

It can be used for cleaning gutters requiring a 16.5 feet ladder.

Where to place ladder when cleaning gutters?

The general rule of thumb when using a ladder is to always place it at a 75 degrees angle or in a ratio of 4 to 1.

For instance, if your ladder is four feet up the wall, it should be one foot away from the wall to pivot it correctly.

If you put the ladder 10 feet up the wall, it should remain 2.5 feet off the wall. Placing a ladder straight or hugging the wall is very risky and even seems impossible. You can learn more about ladders while cleaning gutters.

where to place ladder for gutter cleaning

Tips for cleaning gutters

You want to ensure that your upper body is above the gutter- this will not only ensure that you are able to reach the ladder properly, it also ensures that you can see inside the gutter and work in there without second-guessing.

Ensure you have a safe room for working

When you have your ladder up near the gutters, you want to ensure you can comfortably work while your body is above the gutter. It can be impossible without a ladder standoff.

A standoff or ladder stay is placed just below the top of the ladder to ensure it stays off the wall to give you ample access to the gutter.

A solid base is a must-have

Ideally, the best ladder to clean gutters should have a wide base. The higher your gutter, the bigger the base of your ladder for safety. If you wanna read more about ladder safety then visit this link here. We have published an in-depth article on that.

Quality ladders are also made with legs that have a good grip. Rubber feet are a common way to avoid slipping and to ensure that the ladder stays in place.

Never go on the ladder without a safety strap

A safety strap is a simple strap that is attached to one of the rungs on a ladder and then tied to the wall. They serve to anchor the ladder to prevent falling off when you are on top of the ladder.

Anti-slip surface or mat

You can use an anti-slip mat or ladder leveler to protect yourself from accidental falls due to slips. Ladder levelers are a must-have in your cleaning kit because they can be used on different surfaces eve the uneven ones.

They will surface for using your ladder behind the house, in the garden, or even on stairs and steps.

best type of ladder for cleaning gutters

What size of a ladder to clean gutters?

While you cannot really measure the height of your gutter from the ground (you can, but it will not be easy), you can use your house measurements to approximate.

If you live in a bungalow, you are looking at roughly 2.35m off the ground. A step ladder should be enough. For a single-story house, the house is generally 3.5m off the ground.

A two-section ladder, which is between 15-19 feet in height, will be ideal.

For those living in a 2-storeyed house, which is a common arrangement in urban settings, the gutter is likely to be at the height of 15.4 feet off the ground.

You can find this height by multiplying the ceiling height by two. Remember that a ladder loses height when put against the wall since it needs to be angled for safety.

An 18 feet ladder would do the trick, but to be extra safe, you need one which is 20-22 feet long. Still have questions about it? well, don’t worry, you can read more from ladder-direct.com.

Whenever you are considering the best type of ladder for cleaning gutters always factor in extra length for angling. Also, a ladder stabilizer for gutters would be ideal. If you get anything confusing, please leave a comment below.