The 7 Best Gutter Protectors for Ladder – Reviews & Guides

Let’s face it, cleaning gutters is one of the tough jobs among all the household chores, it’s even the toughest when trying to clean them without damaging or even leaving any scratches on it.

Therefore, we often try to avoid cleaning gutters on many occasions. But before the winter or rainy season comes, it’s an emergency to get the gutters cleaned up.

So today, I’ll show you the top 7 gutter protectors for ladders so that you can easily clean up your gutters without damaging or even leaving any scratches on them.

You know what? Finding the best gutter guards for ladders is always difficult and confusing as several brands are selling them out there. All the brands claim that they offer the best gutter protectors for ladder.

But the truth is only a few of them are worth buying and the rest are just overpriced junk. So stick with me so that I can help you find the quality ladder guards for gutters.

In addition to that, I’m going to share some major safety tips [step by step] so that you can stay safe while cleaning gutters. So without any further ado, let’s jump on my in-depth reviews now.

Top 7 absolute best gutter protectors for ladder [Reviewed]

1. Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer for Gutters

Ladder-Max Stand-Off Stabilizer

  • Easy to install and remove from ladders
  • Gives maximum safety
  • ANSI certified & meets OSHA safety standards
  • Suitable to use with any type of ladders

Ladder-Max stand-off stabilizer is an ideal option for gutter protection. It works in such a way that your ladder never touches the gutters, let alone damages or scratch it.

It’s a certified frustration-free ladder stabilizer with 7.7 pounds of weight and 19x37x21 in the dimension that could be used with a wide range of ladder types, including articulated, little giant, and extension ladders.

On top of that, this stand-off is ANSI certified and meets all the OSHA safety standards. Furthermore, the ladder-max stand-off stabilizer is not limited in gutter cleaning, you can use it while cleaning windows or painting high walls.

The most important part is, it has been crafted from high-grade galvanizing steel which ensures the maximum safety for you.

So while you need a handy solution for ladder gutter guards, then you are pretty good to go with this one.


  • Easy to install and remove from ladders
  • Gives maximum safety
  • ANSI certified & meets OSHA safety standards
  • Suitable to use with any type of ladders


  • Installation is a little bit difficult
  • It makes the ladder top a bit heavy
  • Perform a bit less satisfactory with little giant ladders

2. Roofers 220539 RT-LM Mount Gutter Protectors

Roofers 220539 RT-LM Mount - Ladder Stabilizer That Fits Inside Gutters
  • Fits inside all 5” and 6“ gutters to support a ladder safely in place while preventing gutter damage supports weight of ladder against fascia, not the gutter
  • Installs easily into any 5” or 6” style gutter using a broom handle or pole to position ladder mount in the gutter prior to use
  • Easy to use gutter docking station for ladders

Alright, folks, I’m so much excited to have “Roofers 220539 RT-LM Mount” listed here because it performs just like crazy. The Roofers-220539 RT is a fit-in gutter protector that fits inside of all 5 and 6-inch gutters to prevent the gutter damage by transferring ladder weight from gutters to its fascia.

The most-catchy part is, you can install it in a real quick and easy way just by using a broom handle or an extension pole. Furthermore, It’s a very lightweight gutter guard for ladders with only 2 pounds of weight but it still offers a maximum of 350 pounds of weight capacity which is pretty enough for any type of ladders.


Furthermore, it’s made of high-quality polypropylene to make it sturdy and stronger with rubber pads on it so that ladders never slip around. We’ve found it very capable of bearing the weight of yours, tools, and ladders altogether.

Additionally, this easy-to-carry and the lightweight gutter guard could be a great solution for a handyman who requires frequent gutter cleaning tasks outdoor.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Prevent ladder slipping with rubber pads
  • Easy to install in gutters


  • Not suitable with hoot
  • A little bit tight in 6-inch gutters
  • Edge may get cracked sometimes

3. Louisville Ladder LP-2200-00 Stabilizer

Louisville Ladder LP-2200-00 Stabilizer, Silver
  • Item Package Dimension: 47.59L x 12.99W x 2.49H inches
  • Item Package Weight - 4.40 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - BUILDING MATERIAL

While looking for a superior quality gutter protector for ladders with an eye-catchy design and smoother finishing, then I’ll highly recommend you the Louisville Ladder LP-2200-00 Stabilizer. It comes with 2 U-bolts and replaceable heavy-duty rubber tips to add an extra layer of safety for you.

The 2 U-bolts dramatically facilitates the quick and hassle-free installation. Furthermore, the stabilizer comes with 4.3 pounds of weight and 2.3 x 12.8 x 48.5 inches in dimension, so it’s always handy.

On top of that, the stabilizer will keep the ladder off the gutters so that your gutters never get scratched or damaged due to just ladder placement. Also, it comes with rubber foot pads grip shingles, a couple of u-bolts, and 4 wingnuts, which can be assembled quickly even without any tools.

So while searching for a quality ladder stabilizer for gutters, then I confidently recommend the Louisville-LP-2200-00 Stabilizer.


  • Superior quality with elegant design
  • Quick toolless install
  • Featured 2 U-bolts and heavy-duty rubber tips for maximum safety


  • A bit difficult to mount on telescopic extension ladders
  • Shipping with missing parts is a common problem
  • The item description says- it’s made in the USA but really made in Mexico

4. Ladder’s Little Helper Gutter Guard

Ladder's Little Helper
  • Protect Yourself!
  • Protect yourself!
  • Protect your gutter!
  • Safety first!

While thinking about how to keep the ladder off gutters and clean the gutters without damaging or even leaving any scratches on it, then you are good to go with the ladder’s little helper gutter protector.

It’s a fit-in gutter guard made of polypropylene which acts as a protective shield. The guard is mainly crafted with “Safety first” priority.

Furthermore, it spreads the combined weight of you and your ladder in a wider area so that your gutters never get bent. In addition to that, it works as a shield for gutters so that your good-looking gutters never get scratched.

On top of that, the ladder’s little helper gutter guard is not a cheap plastic product, it’s made of high quality hard, and rigid plastic (polypropylene) which is pretty much sturdy to carry you and your ladder’s weight at a time.

So you don’t ever need to worry about your safety as long as you are going with this gutter protector. The most interesting part is, you can use this one for multipurpose such as- gutter cleaning and high walls or windows painting.


  • Built with safety priority
  • Made of hard and rigid plastic to ensure max safety
  • Suitable for multipurpose uses


  • Not suitable with very wider ladders
  • No indication given on maximum weight capacity
  • Sometime gutter may get bent if an overweight person climb the ladder

5. LEVELOK Standoff Brackets with Silicone Elbows

Ladder Stabilizer Standoff Brackets with Silicone Elbows (Sold in Pairs)
  • Standards Compliance - Meets all ANSI and OSHA requirements for ladders up to Type 1A, 300 pound duty rating.
  • Ladder Compatibility - Fits most extension ladders with open D or O rung holes on outside of ladder rail with a minimum 1 inch clearance. Creased ends allow standoff to fit rungs with rivets inside.
  • Installation Method - Attaches to ladder rail without fasteners. To attach, press 2 bracket ends in, toward each other, slide ends into rung holes and release
  • Each bracket weighs 12.5 oz constucted with aluminum tube, 31/32” outside diameter
  • Warranty - 24 months parts and labor for manufacturing defects

If you have aluminum or fiberglass extension ladders with open D or O rung holes on the rails and particularly looking for an aluminum ladder stabilizer for gutters, then the levelok ladder standoff comes handy. It could be used with almost any type of ladders up to type 1A and max 300 pounds weight capacity.

Furthermore, the levelok stabilizer stand-off comes with silicone elbows that protect the ladder from slipping around. This stand-off stabilizer meets all OSHA and ANSI safety measures and requires simple installation.

But before you buy this ladder stabilizer, make sure that the hole of your ladder rungs must have a minimum of 15/16 of inch clearance otherwise you may face difficulty installing it.

To install it, just press the two ends in, towards each other, slide the ends into rung holes then release, it’s that simple. On top of that, It’s a lightweight stabilizer with only 3.3 pounds of weight but has 300 pounds of maximum weight capacity, which is insane.


  • Comes with silicon elbows to prevent slipping around
  • Easy to install and remove after the job done
  • Compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards


  • Rung holes must have 15/16 inch clearance
  • Can be a bit lose with few ladders
  • Elbow may get torn due to rough friction

6. Werner 97P Adjustable Grip Surface Protectors

Werner 97P Adjustable True Grip Stabilizer and Surface Protectors for Extension Ladders
  • Span adjustment 49-inch, 57-inch or 65inch
  • Stand off distance 12-inch or 29-1/2-inch
  • Rectangular stabilizer spans double windows
  • Fits rails up to 3-inch by 1-3/16-inch
  • This comes with 1 stabilizer, rubber pads, fleece bonnets, mounting hardware and instructions

Werner 97P is just another great ladder gutter protector made of aluminum that offers a wide range of benefits while cleaning gutters. It performs more efficiently with extension ladders, so in terms of cleaning gutters of a two-story house, the Werner 97P is unbeatable.

The installation process is fairly simple that can save you a lot of time and makes you more productive. Furthermore, you no longer require a helping hand for holding off the bottom of your ladder to prevent flipping or slipping around because the stabilizer does that for you.

On top of that, it offers rubber pads, fleece bonnets, and other necessary accessories so that it can be more sturdy and firm for your job.

The stabilizer comes with 8 pounds of weight and 32 x 16 x 2.2 inches in dimension. The Werner 97P is a must-have ladder accessory if you have a two-story house and an extension ladder.


  • Simple and quick installation
  • Very sturdy
  • Quick clips for taking it on/off for storage purposes


  • Rubber pads don’t swivel enough for a low pitched roof
  • Sides may go into the shingles
  • Stabilizing pads not that much satisfactory

7. Ladder-Max-Gutter Cleaning Bundle

Ladder-Max Original/Gutter Cleaning Value Bundle
  • Great Products for Protecting Gutters and Cleaning Them, Bundle includes:
  • Ladder Max Original Standoff Stabilizer
  • Gutter Getter Scoop
  • Gutter Grabber and Extension Pole
  • Bucket Hook

In case you need all gutter cleaning tools together in a bundle pack then you must put Ladder-Max Gutter Cleaning Value Bundle on top of your priority. It is certified frustration-free and made of metal and plastic with 10.93 pounds of weight. The bundle includes-

  • Original ladder stand-off stabilizer
  • Bucket hook
  • Extension pole
  • Gutter grabber
  • Gutter getter scoop


  • All tools together in a value bundle
  • Certified frustration-free
  • Compatible with any type of ladders


  • A bit expensive
  • Cleaning kits look like cheap plastic
  • The Puller end is a bit weird in shape but good to use

Some other excellent gutter guards for ladders worth mentioning and buying-

Besides the above-mentioned gutter protectors for ladder, some other options work extremely well to protect gutters from ladder. They are also good enough to ensure your safety.

So you should always put them on your radar in case you are not satisfied with the above-mentioned ladder stabilizer/stand-off gutter guards. Check them below-

  1. Louisville Ladder LP-2200-00 Stabilizer
  2. Ladder-Max Multi-Pro-24″ Bundle
  3. Multi-Pro ladder stand-off/ stabilizer
protect gutters from ladder

Importance of using ladder guards for gutters

You do want to use gutter guards/protectors with a ladder because the ladder may slip to flip around if it’s placed directly contacting the surface of gutters or walls. So, using ladder gutter guards is always a plus for both you and your gutters. It’s also important to know the ideal ladder angle ratio.

What I’ve noticed is, in most of the cases, the gutters get damaged or scratched due to the heavy friction of ladder rungs onto the surface of the gutters.

That’s where the gutter guards come to fix this issue. Either the gutter protectors keep the ladder off the gutter or it gets fit-inside to work as a protective shield. Learn more about it from

gutter guards for ladders

There are two types of gutter guards such as-

  • Ladder stand-off/stabilizer gutter guards

It keeps the ladder off the gutters and makes enough clearance (10 -12 inches) so that the ladder rungs never touch the gutters.

  • Fit-in gutter guards

It usually fits inside the gutters and works as a protective shield. The fit-in gutter guards spread the combined weight of the ladder and user in a wider zone on guards rather than just pushing on a specific zone of gutters.

Other necessary safety measures to take besides using gutter guards for ladder

While I’m just talking about gutter protectors for ladder, there are some other important factors you should keep in mind before going to clean gutters. They are briefly elaborated below-

ladder gutter protector

Using proper ladder while cleaning gutters

It doesn’t matter how good or bad gutter guards you’ve installed into the ladder unless the ladder is safe and supportive itself. A low-quality junky ladder will never protect you and your gutters, no matter what safety precautions you have taken.

So I highly recommend you get the best quality ladder which is safe for gutter cleaning. I’ve also written in-depth reviews of the 7 best ladders to clean gutters, you can check it today to get the heavy-duty gutter cleaning ladder.

Wearing hand-gloves

I also suggest a high-quality hand glove while cleaning the gutters or windows because it’s very likely that your bare hands will get hurt by the sharp corners of gutters or window glasses.

Most of the time, people give it a light priority which is very dangerous because a tiny and simple cut caused by gutters or other unhygienic materials may cause long term suffering or even septic.

So I suggest high-quality hand gloves to try. I’ve used a pair for myself and it performed extremely well, you can check it on Amazon.

Proper clothing besides using gutter protectors

Last but not least, the right attire selection may save you from real danger. People often wear loose clothing while cleaning gutters or doing the same kinda household chores but the truth is loose-fit clothes may get stuck with ladder corners or with any other tools beside you and that surely will result in a ladder fall in a real quick.

You can try my suggested clothing for these kinds of purposes. Check it on amazon. Besides that, if you want to know about ladder safety, then I encourage you to read this post.

ladder stabilizer for gutters


We’ve worked many sweating hours and conducted in-depth research just to present you with a reliable list of the best gutter protectors for the ladder. Now you have a list of good gutter guards with a clean [step by step] guide for gutter cleaning. So just pick one from our list and clean your gutters like a pro! If you wanna read more about gutter cleaning then visit this page.

Additionally, if you have any good or bad experiences with gutter cleaning then do let me know by leaving a comment below in the comment section. I’ll highly appreciate it.

Also, I would love to know your opinion about my post, so do leave a comment below. Thank you for reading this full review, have a great time ahead.