Gorilla Ladder 22 Review

Does gorilla ladder 22 worth buying or not? Let’s put it plain and simple. The straight answer is ‘yes, it does’. But on the other hand, there are some issues that may not meet your requirements. Therefore, it’s always difficult to give a straight answer. So here is my gorilla ladder 22 review [in-depth] so that you can have a clear idea of whether you should buy it or not. Let’s dive right in.

Gorilla ladder 22 review [My in-depth analysis]

A multi-position ladder is one of the most important tools in a home. There are many situations where you need to change the ladder position for smooth functioning and to ensure the highest level of safety. For instance- lemme ask you a quick question- can you use an extension ladder in your kitchen? The answer must be ‘No’ because it’s not designed for that purpose.

But if you had a sturdy multi-position ladder then you could use it almost anywhere you want. That’s where gorilla multi-position 22 ft ladder comes in handy. It’s a 1AA type heavy-duty aluminum ladder with 375lbs load capacity. The catchy part is you can use it as a step ladder, extension ladder, stairway, 90 degrees, and up to 28 different positions according to your needs.

Things I like the most about gorilla ladder 22 ft

Let me face it, I’ve been a big fan of gorilla ladder mapx22 since I’ve started to use it. I like almost everything about this hefty ladder excluding a few. So below is a list of what I’ve liked the most.

1. Materials of gorilla ladder 22

The gorilla ladder mpx22 is made of heavy-duty aluminum that has 40lbs of weight. That means that you have a great hefty ladder but yet it’s easy to lug around. Furthermore, due to the heaviness of the ladder, it doesn’t wobble.

2. Safety-focused design

if you notice the ladder comes with flared legs that made it even more stable and firm. It is intentionally designed to be comparatively flared than the upper portion of the ladder so that you feel more secure while climbing on the top of the ladder.

3. While reading gorilla ladder 22 review, be sure that it’s a heavy-duty muti-position ladder

The most attractive part of gorilla ladder 22 is, it’s a multi-position ladder which means you can use it as a step ladder, extension ladder, stairway, 90 degrees, and even you can use it as a scaffold.

This single ladder offers up to 28 different positions which are very convenient. But while changing ladder positions, maintaining a proper ladder angle is crucial.

Otherwise, you may end up with serious ladder injuries. I’ve published a resourceful handy post on proper ladder angle rules, you can check it here.

Also, make sure that the ladder is sturdy and firm to climb after changing its position. Some instructions to be followed strictly while using the gorilla mpx22 ladder in different positions. The instructions are given below-

Stepladder- as a stepladder you can have-

  • Up to 5 adjustable positions
  • Maximum 9 ft 5 inch and minimum 5 ft 5-inch height limit
  • Maximum reach limit 13 ft 2 inch

Extension ladder- as an extension ladder you can have-

  • Up to 9 adjustable positions
  • Maximum 18 ft 10 inch and minimum 10 ft 10-inch height limit
  • Maximum reach limit 22 ft

Stairway ladder- like a stairway ladder you can have-

  • Up to 10 adjustable positions
  • Maximum 9 ft 5 inch and minimum 5 ft 5-inch height limit
  • Maximum reach limit 13 ft 2 inch

90 degree- as a 90-degree ladder you can have-

  • Up to 4 adjustable positions
  • Maximum 9 ft 5 inch and minimum 6 ft 5-inch height limit
  • Maximum reach limit 12 ft 9 inch

Scaffolding- as a scaffold, you can have-

  • Up to 4 adjustable scaffolding positions
  • Maximum scaffolding working height 2 ft 10 inch and minimum 11.25-inch height limit
  • Maximum reach limit 9 ft 6 inch

While reading the gorilla ladder 22 review, please note that the above-mentioned instructions are not my thoughts but they are given by the actual manufacturers to be followed. So whenever using this gorilla ladder mpx22, never ignore these guidelines.

4. Heavy-duty hinges

Gorilla 22 ft ladder has featured hefty hinges that facilitate quick transformations and minimize the flex of the ladder. So you no longer need to go through tough settings just to change the ladder positions.

In a nutshell, the heavy-duty hinges allow users to transform a stepladder into a long extension ladder within just a few seconds without sacrificing safety.

5. Speed-locks

The gorilla ladder mpx22 has also incorporated a speed locks mechanism in it. The speed locks are fast and easy to use. You can easily adjust the size of the ladder and lock that in your desired position. The speed locks also come with longer durability and simplicity in use.

6. Armored feet

what I’ve loved the most of the gorilla ladder 22 are armored feet. You can use it on your floor or any other place without even worrying about being scratched. The armored feet also give better traction so that your ladder never slip or skid around. On top of that, the armored feet can always be rotated or replaced.

7. Double-steps

The gorilla 22 ft ladder offers double-steps whereas all other competitive ladders have single steps. So due to this double-steps safety system, you are more secured and assured that your feet will not slip.

gorilla ladder mpx22 review

Things I don’t like about gorilla ladder 22 FT

Before I mention what I dislike of gorilla ladder 22, let me tell you that it’s an awesome multi-position and versatile ladder with 375 lbs load capacity, that’s insane. I’ve liked almost everything of this heavy-duty ladder but the weight of the ladder is a bit painful.

When you’re trying to lug it around or changing the position then it can be difficult for some people to do it alone. The ladder has come with 40lbs of weight which is pretty hefty but this heftiness made this ladder more stable and sturdy. Therefore, you can count it as a plus. while reading the gorilla ladder 22 ft review, you may also want to read my other ladder reviews.

Accessories recommendation for the gorilla ladder mpx22

In case you’ve broken any part/accessory of this hefty ladder or you just want to keep it as a backup then it can be difficult to find the accurate accessories if you don’t know where they are available. I highly recommend buying the accessories from the manufactures directly otherwise you may end up with hassles. There are some common accessories of gorilla ladder mpx22.

Mpx22 rail brackets

It’s one of the most important accessories of gorilla ladder mpx22. You should always keep a spare rail bracket with you so that you never get a slowdown at your work.

Mpx-22 replaceable feet

Due to the heavy pressure on the armored feet, it may get worn or damaged after a certain period. So it’s always advisable to keep a spare pair or two with you.

Mpx wheel kit

The wheel kit is just another necessary accessory of the gorilla ladder 22. The wheel kit keeps the ladder flexible and easy to adjust. So keep backup one with you in case it gets broken or jammed.


While reading the gorilla ladder mpx22 review I can assure you that it is the best option if you need a sturdy multi-position ladder. I’ve shared everything I know about the gorilla ladder 22. Now it’s time to make your own decision. But while using any kind of ladder, you must follow some basic safety rules, otherwise, you may experience a serious ladder fall.

You can even know more about this ladder from the official site or you can watch a video reviews. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding my gorilla ladder 22 reviews then please feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section. I’ll highly appreciate it. Have a great time ahead, thank you.