Murphy Ladder Reviews [in-depth analysis]

If you are one of the RVers, handymen, or homeowners then a ladder must be your daily need. But a naive selection of a wrong ladder can be the big mistake which may lead to serious ladder injury or may even cause a permanent disability. So selecting a firm and stable ladder is always crucial. But the truth is most people ignore this and end up buying a low-quality worthless ladder whereas there is plenty of good options available out there. So today, I’d like to introduce you to the murphy ladder and will write in-depth murphy ladder reviews. It’s the most compact, hassle-free, and heavy-duty 3-in-1 multi-position ladder you’ll ever own.

On top of that, the murphy ladder prices are fairly affordable as compared to other options despite being crafted from high-grade aluminum. The ladder is designed by a firefighter keeping the safety and user-friendliness in mind. So you are pretty much assured of safety and comfort.

Furthermore, the murphy ladder comes in 3 different sizes which are convenient for your different types of needs and it also offers a two-axis folding facility for convenient transport and storage.

For infinity customer satisfaction, the ladder comes with 5 years of guarantee, free continental U.S shipping, and 30- day no question asked money-back guarantee.

Besides, the murphy ladder costs no additional penny for buying different accessories as other brands do because it hardly requires additional accessories.

My In-depth Murphy Ladder Reviews [step-by-step]

When you are searching for a heavy-duty strong ladder with a lightweight and easy-to-carry option then the murphy ladder is unbeatable among all other conventional options. This lightweight yet hefty murphy ladder weight capacity is 375 lbs with ANSI and IAA ratings.

The ladder also offers a side-way folding facility which made it stand out from the crowd whereas no other ladder has this exceptional feature. Despite being incorporated with so many fantastic features, it’s still affordable and easy to use, carry, storage, and even takedown.

So in case you need a sturdy ladder you need to look no further. But like other ladders, it has some pros and cons as well. So let’s put some inputs on both sides. Let me start with a few core features of it.

The core features of murphy ladder:

  • 375 pounds load capacity
  • Non-marring feet
  • Type IAA heavy-duty rating
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Pinch-free and fully compact design

The pros of murphy ladder

The murphy ladder comes with so many mind-blowing pros that no other ladders can offer. A few of them are mentioned below-

Multi-position 3-in-1 ladder

It comes in a 3-in-1 ladder option, meaning that there are three different versions available of the same ladder with different height limits. But note that murphy ladder heights are always user-friendly.

Easy to carry and storage

Due to its lightweight and having sideway folding capability, it is easy to carry upstairs and around corners in the home and even can be stored easily just under your bed.

Fully compact design

It is the most compact ladder I’ve ever seen. It can be folded very easily from two sides just for being convenient for storage and transport but without sacrificing safety.

Hassle-free setup and takedown

It’s easy and quick to set up at the beginning and easy to take down when you are done.

Weight limit

The murphy ladder weight limit is rated 375 lb which is safe enough for bulky or overweight men or women.

Non-marring feet

Another amazing advantage is non-marring feet which I like the most. The feet are also covered by premium grade plastic material which saves the floors from dents or scratches while working indoors.

Besides that these feet provide better traction on sloppy or uneven ground. But I suggest getting a high-quality ladder leveler when working on uneven terrains, otherwise, you may fall.

Pinch-free design

The design is compact and pinch-free so that your fingers never get stuck and hurt while folding the ladder quickly.

Free shipping and money-back guarantee

It offers free continental U.S delivery with 30 days no questions asked money-back guarantee.

5-years guarantee

While reading murphy ladder reviews, please note that it offers 5 years of service guarantee which is the best in the ladder industry.

The cons of murphy ladder

Like other ladders, it has some negative sides as well. But let me tell you the truth, it’s always tolerable compared to other benefits.

  • When fold and kept in an open place, it doesn’t want to stay in a folding position. It tries to get open back but in the closed and tight place, it’s good. You can also use a strap to tie it up so that it stays in fold position.
  • The rungs of the ladder appear to be a bit uncomfortable while using as a stepladder. I don’t mean that everyone is going to face this issue but I did.
  • The ladder is still long enough to fit in the backside of my car for transport but better than other options.

Murphy ladder specs

Rung/step materialAluminum
Product weight25 lbs
Maximum load capacity375 lbs
Number of steps8
Ladder rating1AA, 375 lbs
Stepladder position height4.5 ft with 9.5 FT reach
Single ladder position height9 ft with 12 FT reach
Maximum height reach14 FT
Storage width9-inch

It comes in 3 different sizes

The Murphy ladder comes in 3 different convenient sizes to meet your different needs. So if you don’t need a big 14 ft ladder then you can just go with a smaller one when all other features will remain the same. Sounds interesting, right? Let’s have quick look at all 3 different sizes.

  • 7 FT tall (10 FT-reach)

This one comes in handy when you just need to change the bulbs or reach your kitchen cabinets. The 7 FT murphy ladder is just amazing for all your indoor tasks except reaching out to high ceilings.

But in case of accessing high ceilings, you need a taller ladder. I also have a post on the 9 best ladders for high ceilings. Check it here.

  • 9 FT tall (12 FT-reach)

While trying to access a comparatively high place in your home or workplaces, try the murphy 9 FT ladder without any further thinking, it will help you a ton.

  • 11 FT tall (14 FT-reach)

The 11 ft murphy ladder is perfect while trying to get on roofs, cleaning gutters, or just cutting down branches of trees.

How much does a murphy ladder cost?

Murphy ladder costs are around $149-$280 depending on where and when you are buying this. The cost may even get lesser if you have a discount code. Your location may affect the cost too, such as if you are located in the U.S.

Where can I buy a murphy ladder?

Well, it’s indeed an important question because most of the people search the murphy ladder on amazon but end up not finding it. The reason is- in sprite of being flooded with millions of other products, it’s not available on amazon but exclusively available on home depot. You can also buy this ladder from its official site.


In case you need a heavy-duty sturdy ladder then you can try the murphy ladder with no confusion. It’s the most compact multi-position ladder I’ve ever seen. The ladder is also used by the fire departments and families across the country. The thing I liked most is- it’s quick to set up and compact for storage. You can read more about it from this page.

So I’ve tried to include everything in Murphy ladder reviews so now it’s time to make your own decision. If you are not satisfied with this ladder then you can look for other options. In that case, you may like gorilla ladder 22. Read my gorilla ladder 22 review here.

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding my murphy ladder review, please let me know by leaving a comment below in the comment section. I’ll highly appreciate that. Have a great time ahead.