7 Absolute Best Step Ladder for Kitchen in 2020

We can agree there are those areas in your kitchen that are simply inaccessible when standing on your feet, unless you are a basketball player, of course. Since very few of us are, we find ourselves using ridiculous items to reach those top shelves and cabinets. It’s not only ineffective, but it could also end in a fall, which could leave you hurt, to say the least. A step ladder for the kitchen is one of the most useful things you can have in your kitchen.

You can simply employ one while you are cleaning cabinets, hanging decoration, keeping medication, or hazardous solutions from the reach of children or when you want to get a jar of pickles from the top shelve.

So, are you looking for the best kitchen step ladder? Look no further. We have done all the research and testing before compiling this list. Read on to find out more!

1. Cosco Three-Step Rockfold Wood Step Ladder

A ladder that does more than just help you climb is a definite go-to! The Cosco Rockfold is a wooden kitchen step ladder which doubles up as a decorative step ladder for kitchen. The kitchen step ladder stool comes in a contemporary design. It’s made from high-quality imported mahogany wood that blends in with your kitchen design.

Cosco is also a 3 step kitchen ladder that can be used to reach the shelves of your kitchen. It is also foldable to occupy minimal space if you would like to store it away while not in use. The kitchen ladder for kitchen is made to hold a maximum weight of 225lbs.

2. Hasegwa Ladders Lucano Step Ladder

The Lucano step ladder is another great option that can serve as both a decorative ladder and additional sitting stool. The small step ladder for kitchen comes made of high-quality, durable 90% aluminum and 10% resin.

It can be adjusted as a step ladder and stand on its own when folded. The steps are also designed with grooves for a firm grip when you get on it. Its sturdy to hold a max of 225lbs weight.

It’s very easy to clean, and it’s a decorative piece for your kitchen besides coming through for reaching your cabinets.

3. Luisladders Kitchen Stepladders

The Luisladders is another step ladder to look out for. The ladder is designed for comfort and stability. This best kitchen step ladder comes with a non-slip, rubber wide top platform to provide maximum security while in use. When compared to others, this stepladder is more secure and provides more stability for the user.

What’s more, Luisladders kitchen 3 step ladder is lightweight and portable. The ladder can open and close very easily, and it’s foldable. The manufacturer figured you might want to keep the ladder away. The ladder folds into a thin fit to occupy the least space in your garage. It can also hold weight up to 330lbs.

This ladder for kitchen cabinets can also have a variety of uses. It can be used as a chair or pet step stool. You can also use it as a display stand to hold your flower pots or any decorative pieces.

4. Best Choice Products Folding Ladder Stool

If you are looking for a high-quality folding ladder for kitchen with a great make, this best choice portable ladder stool is a great option. The kitchen step ladder stool features durable construction with heavy-duty steel meaning it can support up to 330 pounds. It is finished with a layer of water-resistant powder coating to prevent rusting or corrosion.

This ladder also comes with rubber-ripped steps ad treads to ensure you are safe when you get in the ladder.

All the four legs of this ladder are also designed with slip-resistant rubber caps, which ensure the ladder remains stable as you are working on the ladder. The ladder is also foldable for compact storage.

5. Xtend and climb sl3h step ladder

The Xtend and climb is a slim step ladder for kitchen that can help you reach those high cabinets in your kitchen. The ladder features an ultra-slim design that is perfect for the interiors of your kitchen.

Even though this ladder is lightweight, it features unmatched stability. The kitchen ladder is anodized with aerospace aluminum finish meaning it can carry a maximum weight of 225lbs.

The safe kitchen ladder is also foldable to occupy minimal storage space. It’s very light, weighing 10lbs to facilitate effortless movement while being used.

The ladder for tall kitchen cabinets can reach a maximum height of 8.5feet, which is more than needed for most kitchen cabinets.

6. Ascent ADS2-001-Tl Series Aluminum Step Stool

Ascent series presents a small kitchen ladder. The step stool comes in a compact design that is not only attractive but also very functional. This step ladder is very lightweight and portable but also very sturdy.

The stool step ladder is manufactured using airplane-grade aluminum material, which, without a doubt, is long-lasting and sturdy. We love that this best kitchen step ladder is made for safety.

The ladder comes with wide 2-step rungs that are designed with anti-slip rubber treads on steps. The feet of the small step ladder for kitchen is also extra wide for stability. It is rated at 250lbs, meaning it can carry the weight of an adult without collapsing.

7. Rubbermaid RMA Aluminum Step Stool

A high-quality ladder for kitchen should be made with the best quality material and designed for safety to prevent accidents, which are very common in kitchens. The Rubbermaid RMA_2 is one such kitchen ladder.

This kitchen step ladder stool is made from very lightweight but durable material the aircraft-grade aluminum used to make this stool guarantees stability and durability.

You can also use this small ladder effortless as its very portable. It can also carry a maximum weight of 225-pounds, which is very impressive given the small compact size.

Another impressive feature of this kitchen step ladder stool is foldability. It can be folded into a slim profile for storage to occupy the least space. It’s convenient for holding tools or even placing your flower pots because of the convenient project top.

best small and folding step ladder for kitchen

Where to buy kitchen step ladder?

In this 21st century, none need to worry about buying anything because there are thousands of online and offline stores out there where you can buy anything from toys to heavy duty machines. But the real barrier was to find good items which we’ve clarified very clearly. So you can buy step ladder from our list just buy clicking on the given link under each item we recommended.

How to secure a ladder?

Well, that’s a great question in fact. But before knowing that you must know what’s the best ladder for your specific action, like while cleaning your gutters then you can’t use adjustable stair ladders, right? That’s weird, if you do use, you can never and ever secure it. However, we also have a handy review on The 7 absolute best ladder to clean gutters in 2020. You can check it out.

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