3 Amazing Ladder Storage Solutions for You

The ladder is one of the most important tools in my house, and it comes in many different sizes and forms to meet many different household chore needs.

I have multiple ladders in my home because I need a tiny step ladder in my kitchen and a 26-foot-long extension ladder to get on my roof or clean my gutters.

So, having multiple ladders in your home is obvious, but the most challenging part appears when it’s time to store them.

As an owner of 4 different ladders, I’ve discovered 3 amazing ladder storage solutions that will allow you to save a ton of floor space. Let’s have a quick look below-

  • Wall ladder storage solution
  • Ceiling ladder storage solution
  • Outside ladder storage solution

Here are My In-depth Ladder Storage Solutions [Step-by-Step]

Before I dive into my in-depth ladder storage solutions, let me introduce you to the Murphy ladder. It’s one of the most heavy-duty ladders with so many awesome features.

The catchy part is it comes with the most compact and pinch-free design which allows you to store it almost anywhere you want. Even you can store it under your bed or in closets.

To learn more about it, read my Murphy ladder reviews today. Anyway, let’s jump on my ladder storage solutions.

1. Wall ladder storage

Keeping ladders randomly on your floor causes to narrow down garage space and even you may get hurt with them.

So there is no point to put your ladders on the floor when there are smart ladder storage solutions available.

Yes, you can screw a ladder storage hook into your wall and hang your ladder with that hook. It’s that simple.

This way, you can not only save your floor space but also make your wall look decorative. Hanging ladders on the wall has always been my top ladder storage solution.

You can do it in two different ways, such as-

Vertical Storage

Hanging vertically on the walls requires only one heavy-duty ladder storage hook.

It requires comparatively less space, but it’s very important to ensure that the hook is sturdy and capable of carrying the ladder’s weight.

If you buy any random cheap ladder storage hooks, you may have a bad experience.

heavy-duty ladder storage hooks

Don’t panic; I’ve listed the top-performing heavy-duty ladder storage hooks below so you can pick one easily. Keep reading.

Horizontal Storage

You can also go with a horizon ladder storage solution, but there are things you should keep in mind.

  • You need at least two hooks
  • Takes up more space on your wall.
  • The only positive side is that the hooks don’t need to be that much heavier because the ladder’s weight is distributed equally on both hooks.

    For example- if the weight capacity of a hook is 45 lbs, and you use two hooks, then you can easily hang a 90 lbs ladder on them.

ladder storage ideas

So if you ask me what’s my favorite, vertical storage or horizontal storage? I must say that vertical storage has always been my top priority because it covers less space on my walls.

If you have a lot of tools in your tiny garage, you must focus on saving space. As I read this post, it means you lack free space in your garage.

If so, let me recommend the gorilla mpx22 ladder. It’s a heavy-duty multi-position ladder with easy to store facility.

Read my gorilla ladder mpx22 ft review to learn more about it.

My Favorite Top 3 Heavy-duty Ladder Storage Hooks

There are many ladder storage brackets, racks, and hooks on the market nowadays, but not all of them are worth buying. So here is my top, which you can buy with confidence.

1 Tornado-00525 Ladder Hook (4-Pack)

Tornado 00525 Ladder Hook
  • Mount to drywall or a wall stud with the same fastener
  • Extended length plate design distributes weight evenly for superior holding power
  • Notches on plate allow for easy leveling and alignment with other hooks
  • Rubber coated hook provides added visibility, safety and grip
  • A spike on the back plate allows for quick positioning and easier mounting before fastening to wall
The tornado ladder hook is a perfect example of a sturdy, heavy-duty ladder storage hook. I love it because of its perfect design and excellent weight capacity.

It can carry up to 30 lbs of weight. It comes with a rubber coating, which adds grip and protects the ladder from scratching.

Most importantly, this rubber coating prevents the ladder from slipping off and doesn’t get damaged quickly, which is a common problem with all ladder storage hooks.

On top of that, the tornado 00525 has notches on the back of the plate which allows marking the wall where you can install the hook easily without any hassle.

You can mount it on both drywall and stud. The hook is extra long, which allows the ladder to fit securely. Also, it is a bit upturned to prevent the ladder from falling forward.

So you can confidently try the Tornado 00525 hooks while looking for a heavy-duty ladder storage hook. Not satisfied with this one? Well, check out the next one below; it performs way better.

2 CoolYeah Heavy-duty Steel Hook (8 pack)

CoolYeah Steel Garage Storage Utility Double Hooks, Heavy Duty for Organizing Power Tools,Ladders,Bulk Items (Pack of 8)
  • PERFECT FOR HEAVY OBJECTS – CoolYeah hooks is a set of 8 wall mounted double hooks. The extended length and anti-slip coating let you organise and hang heavy objects for up to 40lbs.
  • VARYING SIZES AND FUNCTIONS – CoolYeah garage shovel hooks have different sizes for various uses. It creates an efficient storage space, just what you need to hang and hold your items, such as folded,chairs,ladders,bicycles,power tools, and other multiple heavy bulky items. double hooks design qualified to hang air hose, garden and lawn tools, part of ourdoor equipments. Hanger off the ground in your garage garden or home! Endless options for efficient storagein the garage,shop,basement,or shed.
  • EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION – The notches and spike at the back of the plate allow you to fasten or adjust the hook plates easier. They fit on drywall, wall stud and other wall types neatly and quickly. Comes with 32 set of screws and wall plugs inside the package!
  • PREMIUM HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL – CoolYeah garage hooks are made of heavy duty iron, while the anti-slip coating is made of sturdy PVC. They’re durable to endure heavy weights and prevent slips for years of use!
  • LIFE TIME REPLACEMENT AND REFUNE GUARANTEE - In case if you are not satisfied with the product which speaks a lot about the security of the money you’re paying. What are you waiting for? Add to cart and check out now.
CoolYeah hook is unbeatable in carrying heavyweight items; it offers a maximum of 40 lbs of weight capacity and comes in various sizes to meet your various needs.

The CoolYeah hook is made of premium heavy-duty iron with anti-slip, sturdy PVC coating. The high-quality PVC coating protects your ladder from falling off and prevents them from being scratched.

In addition to that, it comes with notches at the back of the plate, which allows easy, quick, hassle-free installation.

On top of that, the CoolYeah package includes 32 sets of screws and wall plugs, so you don’t have to spend a single penny buying an additional piece of accessories.

I love CoolYeah hooks just because of their heavy-duty performance and hassle-free, quick installation. So, I suggest you consider this while searching for sturdy ladder storage hooks.

Not satisfied yet? Check the last one below if it offers 50 lbs of weight capacity.

3 Incredikoo Garage Storage Hooks (12 pack)

The Incredikoo storage hook is another great one if you need to store heavier items.

This hook has a weight capacity of 50 lbs, which is way better than you need.

It comes in 5 different sizes to meet your needs and is made of rust-resistant construction iron, giving more safety assurance.

On top of that, it comes with an anti-slide PVC rubber coating, which doesn’t allow items to slip around.

The catchy part is you can mount it almost on any surfaces, such as- hardwoods, bricks, drywall, or stud but make sure it’s capable of carrying the weight of your items.

So while looking for ladder storage solutions then you should try the Incredikoo garage storage hook. It’s worth buying.

Some Honorable Mentions You Can also Trust

Little giant ladder systems-15097

Smaid Garage Hooks, 12-Pack

STURME Garage Hooks, 12-Pack

4. Ceiling Ladder Storage

StoreYourBoard Double Ladder Ceiling Rack, Hi Port 2 Garage Storage and Organizer, Hanger Mount
  • INDOOR LADDER STORAGE: Utilize overhead storage space in your garage, shed, or basement with this innovative ladder storage rack. Holds most foling ladders, step ladders, telescoping ladders, and extension ladders.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Ceiling post extends 12.125" to 20.125" from the ceiling to fit multiple ladders or maximize your space. Gated pin locks height setting into place fore secure setup.
  • HEAVY DUTY: Solid steel supports up to 75 lbs per side, up to 150 lbs total. Durabe powder coating is built to last.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Rotating mounting plate fits ceiling joists running in either direction. Quality hardware included for maximum strength.
  • DESIGNED IN USA: Proudly engineered by the StoreYourBoard design team in Troy, VA. Built to hold your ladders and built to last!
Another great ladder storage idea is hanging them on your ceiling.

You can install a ladder storage rack, ceiling storage, hoist, or pulley to store your ladder even more securely.

If you have much bigger extension ladders, ceiling storage could be a great extension ladder storage idea because it is harder to hang them on your wall.

While trying to store your ladders at the ceiling, you need to be crystal clear about what you’re doing because if anything goes wrong, these heavy ladders may fall on someone’s head.

But there are always safer ways of doing this. So, if you are a DIY type, watch the video.

You Can Store Your Ladders at the Ceiling in Two Ways-

1. Using a Ladder Storage Rack

The ceiling storage racks are stationary holders installed with the ceiling joist. A ceiling storage rack holds the ladder exactly where it is.

A hoist/pulley carries the ladder up and down to take off and takedown.

So note that while decwhen to go with a ceiling storage rack, you will need to have aadder to fetch the ladder from that ceiling rack.

So, using any ceiling ladder storage rack, have an additional step ladder aside.

I suggest using the “Store Your Board” ceiling rack; it’s worth buying.

I highly recommend the “Store Your Board” ceiling rack because it’s made of heavy-duty steel with two-sided racks with 2x storage capacity.

On top of that, it has a maximum weight capacity of 150 lbs (75 lbs each). The rack is mainly designed for kayak storage, but you can confidently store your heavy ladders.

It’s my no.1 ladder storage rack of all time.

2. Using a Ladder Storage Hoist/Pulley

Two types of ladder storage hoist/pulley are available in the market. You can use an either manual or motorized hoist. It’s also widely known as a ladder pulley system.

1. Manual Hoist

With a manual hoist/pulley, you first have to tie or hook the ladder to the pulley and then pull the rope; this way, the ladder goes up towardtowardeiling.

The mechanism is much similar to window blind strap pulling. If you pull the rope, the ladder goes up, and if released, the ladder comes down.

2. Motorized Hoist

With a motorized pulley, you press the button instead of pulling the rope. It automatically lifts the ladder toward the ceiling and brings it back automatically with a simple button press.

The motorized pulley requires less human effort and is very easy to use but risky. I don’t recommend motorized pulleys here as they are very tricky to use and involve some risks.

But if you need it badly, I recommend calling a handyman to install it properly.

3. Outside Ladder Storage

Due to the lack of space in your garage, having outside ladder storage ideas is not always good.

The UV rays of the sun may weaken the fiberglass and plastic portion of your ladder which ultimately causes the ladder to breakdown. Besides, there is a high chance the ladder will be stolen.

So try to store it inside. But if there is no way, ensure it’s out of sunlight or rainwater.

Learn more about garage storage tricks from here.

outside ladder storage ideas

Ladders are expensive and if you want them to last long then proper storage is important. I’ve damaged so many ladders due to the lack of proper care.

So, my handy guides on ladder storage solutions will greatly help you.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these ladder storage ideas then do let me know in the comment section. I’ll be more than just happy to reply to you.

Be safe, and have a great time ahead. Want to learn about DIY ladder storage? Visit this link.