Fiberglass vs Aluminum Ladder – Which One’s the Best?

Ladders are essential tools that you need to have at your home. You need them for making minor repairs, installments, and other home projects.

If you don’t have a ladder, consider investing some money in one. You might not need it right now but there must be a time when you’ll badly need it.

Today, this article is all about the fiberglass vs aluminum ladder. So, what kind of ladder is the best? I think that both aluminum and fiberglass ladders are the kings.

Usually, ladders that you find in the market are either of the two. Many users debate which one is better. So, if you are too confused about which to pick, consider reading this article.

Today, I’ll discuss the key differences between fiberglass and aluminum ladders.

Fiberglass vs Aluminum Ladder – Which is More Affordable?

Let’s talk about pricing since it’s one of the primary factors you’ll consider when buying. Between fiberglass and aluminum ladders, the former is cheaper than the latter.

Aluminum ladders are usually made out of metals that are sourced from natural means. On the other hand, fiberglass ladders are made by mixing natural materials with synthetic materials.

It is more expensive as a result. Expect that fiberglass ladders are more expensive than aluminum ladders in general. However, some brands put a heavier price on their aluminum ladders than fiberglass ladders.

One perfect example is Werner.

I searched online and discovered that its 6 ft fiberglass step ladder is cheaper than its aluminum step ladder.

Read my in-depth reviews on both fiberglass and aluminum ladders.

fiberglass extension ladder vs aluminum extension ladders

Speaking of Durability, Are Fiberglass Ladders Better Than Aluminum Ladders?

If you think that fiberglass ladders beat aluminum ladders in terms of durability, you’re right on point. Fiberglass doesn’t easily bend when exposed to heat, is weather-resistant, shock-resistant, and not prone to breakage.

You won’t have to worry about proper maintenance and storage when using fiberglass ladders. They’re what you need to own ladders that can be used for a long time.

So, how long do fiberglass ladders last? Expect to use them for 10 years or more if you’ve bought the best fiberglass ladder.

Learn more here. Aluminum ladders aren’t as durable as fiberglass ladders but this doesn’t mean that they’re bad.

With proper maintenance, you can prevent them from getting weak and rusty. So, how long do aluminum ladders last on average?

If you’re not careless, aluminum ladders will be of service for 7 years or more. The service life of aluminum and fiberglass ladders heavily depends on their durability.

However, the way that you use them also plays a vital role. A fiberglass ladder, no matter how durable, won’t last long if you don’t tend to it.

Remember to properly store and maintain ladders so you can avoid buying repeatedly.

Fiberglass vs Aluminum Ladder – Which is More Suitable for Electricians?

how long do aluminum ladders last

Fiberglass ladders are more suitable for electricians. They don’t conduct electricity and make the work safer. Unlike aluminum, fiberglass is a poor conductor.

Therefore, ladders that use it as a material won’t have to worry about getting into contact with live wiring. Ladders might come into contact with an electrical source in many situations.

Electricians prefer fiberglass over aluminum because it keeps them safe. So, do aluminum ladders conduct electricity? Yes, it does. I highly recommend not to use it while working with electricity.

It’s not safe.

Which is better, an aluminum or fiberglass ladder?

Aluminum and fiberglass ladders work equally fine. Both hold weight well and won’t attempt to crack or bend, no matter how long you extend.

Also, they’re very stable and won’t attempt to wobble so long as the lock or hinge is tightly secured. Nevertheless, I prefer aluminum extension ladders over fiberglass extension ladders.

They have more weight. And as a result, they’re more stable when extended. Also, they’re more reliable for working on scaffolding, roofs, and other highly elevated spots of a house or building.

Aluminum extension ladders have a more solid feel. Thus, you’ll feel very secure while working on them.

Check out my resourceful reviews here on safe step ladders which are made of aluminum materials.

do aluminum ladders conduct electricity

Are Fiberglass Extension Ladders More Portable Than Aluminum Extension Ladders?

It all depends upon the type and design. If you think an aluminum step ladder is more portable than a fiberglass step ladder.

But assuming that we’re comparing aluminum extension ladders and fiberglass extension ladders to see which are more portable, I’ll say that the former wins. Fiberglass is a very light material.

As a result, ladders that are made out of it don’t have a lot of weight. I’m not saying that aluminum isn’t portable.

All I’m saying is that fiberglass ladders are easier to carry than them. Nevertheless, some aluminum ladders are surprisingly light.

In a few cases, the weight of fiberglass vs. aluminum ladders is fairly similar. I don’t know how manufacturers manage to do this.

Still, I suspect they might have mixed aluminum with other composite materials to reduce bulkiness.

Should You Get A Fiberglass Ladder?

The answer depends if you’re constantly building or repairing things. Fiberglass ladders are expensive. Therefore, don’t buy one if you can’t always use it.

I suggest getting an aluminum ladder if you want to own one to fix things during emergencies.

This is because it’s cheaper and will be happy sitting in the basement when not used. On the other hand, get a fiberglass ladder if you’re a carpenter, electrician, etc.

You won’t have trouble carrying a fiberglass ladder from place to place. It will also prevent you from being electrocuted. Moreover, a fiberglass ladder will be a reliable partner that won’t break while you’re working.

Final Thoughts

In this article, most of the positive perks favor the side of fiberglass ladders. I don’t mean to put bias here, but in many aspects, fiberglass ladders are better than aluminum ladders.

Here are the key points of our discussion in summary:

  • Aluminum ladders are cheaper than fiberglass ladders
  • Fiberglass extension ladders are more portable than aluminum ladders
  • Aluminum ladders conduct electricity, while fiberglass ladders don’t
  • Fiberglass ladders are more durable than aluminum ladders
  • Fiberglass extension ladders and aluminum ladders work equally fine.

Choosing is up to you. However, I recommend getting a fiberglass ladder if you have the money because you’ll encounter fewer issues.

A fiberglass 8-foot ladder or fiberglass 28-feet ladder might work well depending on your needs. On the other hand, buy an aluminum ladder if you want to save money.

Inspect for quality, build, and material to avoid a bad purchase. Here is my top recommendation.

So, that’s all about fiberglass vs aluminum ladders today. If you have any questions or suggestions on my post then feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section.

Thank you.