Top 7 Staircase ladder leveler Reviews and Guides

Ladders are an essential tool not only for builders and construction workers but also for homeowners. Ladders come through when you need to change your bulbs, reach the attic or high cabinets, clean the gutters, repair the roof, or even paint the walls. However, it can be challenging and utterly dangerous to use ladders on uneven ground, such as stairs. So, what happens when you need to paint a wall above the staircase or hang a painting? Uneven ground is the ladder’s biggest enemy, but that’s where the staircase ladder leveler shines!

A ladder leg leveler is a tool that helps you match the height of your ladder with an uneven surface like stairs or sloppy floors. If you are in the market for a ladder leveler for stairs or even looking for a ladder platform for stairs, you are in the right place! We have reviewed the top 7 best ladder levelers for stairs. Take a look!

Wait for a second, it doesn’t matter how good or bad ladder leveler you are using if the ladder quality is not good enough. I also have handy reviews of the high-quality stair ladders which perform extremely well. You can check it out to generate some ideas.

1. Ideal Security Lap1 Ladder Aide Pro

Ideal Security Ladder-Aide Pro, Ladder Stabilizer for Single and Extension Ladders, Ladder Leveler
  • Designed and Tested in Canada: Ideal Security's Ladder-Aide PRO ladder leveler is specifically designed to comply with OSHA standards for ladder use, and is rated for 1500lbs
  • Ladder Stabilizer: Our ladder leveling tool allows you to use your extension ladders on stairs by creating a stable, leveled base on stairways
  • Versatile Ladder Extension: This ladder stabilizer with an anti-skid surface is made for professionals and is the perfect tool for the everyday handyman
  • Easy to Use and Set Up: This extension ladder leveler sets up in minutes and requires no installation; it can be moved easily from stair to stair without hassle or effort
  • Specifications: The Ladder-Aide PRO is suitable with single and extension ladders that have a maximum base width of 22" and maximum foot size of 7.5"; designed for Type I, IA, and IAA ladders, both single and extension ladders

Ideal security ladder leveler is an ideal option for those looking for a stair leveler for a variety of ladders. The ladder aide is very versatile, allowing you to install different ladders. This ladder leveler is designed for type 1AA and type 2 ladders, most common in the home.

Ideal security ladder aide also required no installation. You can swap your single and extension ladders easily, ensuring you are using the right ladder for the job. The leveler can also be used from the stairs to other places without a hassle.

The ladder leveler is also micro-adjustable to 1/8″ making it suitable for almost all stairs in both homes and commercial buildings. Ensure you check your stairs before purchasing the ladder for guaranteed functionality. We love that this ladder leveler is very compact and portable hence making working on stairs effortlessly.

The leveler is also very durable. It’s built to carry both aluminum and fiberglass ladders. It’s designed with anti-skid protective rubber pads that make the leveler safe for use on different staircases.

What I’ve experienced is- it’s very sturdy and stable while in use. A little complaint is mainly the leveler is not suitable for curved stairs. The leveler may also not be very ideal for shorter ladders.

2. LeveLok ladder permanent mount style leveler

LeveLok Ladder Permanet Mount Style Leveler (LL-STB-1AL)
  • Installs on most aluminum and fiberglass, extension, combination and articulating ladders, rated up to 375 pounds.
  • Locking system: Stainless steel, double-row ratcheting...adjusts up to 10” in 3/16" increments.
  • Fully automatic, "back-up" safety lock...keeps leveler "locked" until weight is removed from leg.
  • Heavy-Duty, double-claw, swivel shoes with auto-engaging safety-lock to keep claw in place. Special features...16d nail holes.
  • Each kit includes 2 ladder levelers, hardware and instructions.

Levelok permanent style ladder leveler is more than just an attractive name! The ladder leveler is a permanent style leveler meaning you need to attach the leveler to the ladder before using it. Other than that, the leveler can be used on different stairs and uneven grounds. It is suited for both indoor and outdoor uses.

This stair leveler for ladders extends up to 10 inches. It can also fit different types of ladders, including aluminum, wood, and fiberglass extension ladders. It can, however, not be used with step ladders.

The leveler is constructed using high-quality aluminum material that meets all the OSHA and ANSI requirements for type 1AA ladders. It’s also triple-riveted with non-slip material at the foot of the leveler. The feet of the leveler create grip with surfaces to avoid sliding.

3. Provision PiVit Laddertool

USA Made Original PiViT® LadderTool: Multi-Use Ladder Leveling Tool by ProVisionTools, Inc.™ Recognized Safety Record Spanning 27 Years.
  • The Original PiViT LadderTool by ProVisionTools, Inc. is a lightweight, easy-to-use ladder leveler that sets up in seconds and has no moving parts. Use it as a ladder platform for stairs, sloped earth, asphalt shingle roofs* up to 7/12 pitch** – just about any uneven surface.

Provision Pivit ladder leveler is a metal leveler that meets all your needs. The leveler is made using high-quality materials to ensure it’s strong and stable for the job. It’s made using polypropylene, which is a sturdy material used in making car batteries. The ladder is popular, so thanks to its exceptional features.

Furthermore, this stair leveler for ladders is designed for heavy-duty use. It can carry up to 500 pounds of weight including ladder, tools, and the weight of the user but should not exceed 500 pounds to avoid toppling. The weight rating is also way more than the rating of most 1a ladder ratings.

On top of that this staircase ladder leveller also has a variety of uses. Apart from stairs, it can be used on uneven terrain, rooftops, and uneven concrete.

The leveler can also be hooked on the ladder’s rungs for the stability of the ladder. The bottom of this leveler is made of anti-skid material to ensure the user is always safe while working.

It’s also quite portable and requires no installation as there are no bolts or clumps involved when changing from a ladder to another.

4. Quick Connect Ladder Leveler Kit

Levelok LL-STB-2QC Ladder Accessories, Chrome
  • Quick Connect Ladder Leveler Kit, contains 1 leveler and 2 base units.
  • Work Safely On Uneven Ground, extends a full 10 inches.
  • This is the best leveler on the market today .Fits Aluminum, Fiberglass & Wood Ladders
  • Base units mount to the ladders rails and the leveler can be moved from side to side.
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA requirements up to and including Type 1AA 375#

Quick connect ladder leveler kit comes with one leveler and two base units. The base ladder is designed to mount on the rungs of the ladder for safety. The leveler can be moved from side to side of the ladder. It’s also designed to operate using your feet, so your hands always stay on the safety ladder.

It is designed for all ladders such as- aluminum, fiberglass, and even wood ladders. The kit is made of high-quality structural aircraft aluminum material, ensuring the ladder leveler is always sturdy.

This staircase ladder leveler meets ANSI and OSHA requirements of a type 1aa ladder leveler. It also meets the safety standards as the levelers are designed with an anti-slip pad to protect against slipping. The leveler fully extends to 10 inches.

5. Top-rung adjustable leg leveler for ladder

TOPRUNG Adjustable Leg Leveler for Ladder, Heavy Duty Ladder Accessory Model TP-TRLL
  • Toprung Model TP-TRLL exceeds the ANSI international standard and is rated to hold up to 300 lbs
  • Used to stabilize the Toprung ladder system on uneven surfaces
  • Clamps on any leg, either side of the ladder.Matching the ladder leg width not exceeding 2.75''.
  • Fits all the Toprung multi purpose ladder,very convenient to set-up
  • All new material ,super strong aircraft grade aluminum

If you are a Toprung fan, we have something for you! The Toprung adjustable ladder leveler is a heavy-duty leveler that can hold up to 300 lbs. The leveler exceeds ANSI and OSHA standard requirements, thanks to its heavy-duty construction. The leg leveler is suitable for any uneven grounds, whether stairs, concrete, or even outdoors.

It’s also very easy to use. You simply need to clump any leg of your choice. The ladder leg should not exceed the width of 2.75″ or the leveler will not fit perfectly.

Once you have attached the leveler, adjust it to the desired height. The ladder leveler fits all Toprung multi-purpose ladders and other ladders. The construction of the ladder is also very sturdy thanks to the aluminum material used.

6. Hailo Tp1 Staircase Platform Leveler

Hailo TP1 | Staircase Platform | Length and Height-Adjustable Telescopic Rails and feet | Integrated Bubble Level | Two-Hand Safety Unlocking Mechanism| for use with Step stools & stepladders
  • SMALL ASSISTANT - non-skid working surface integrated into a sturdy aluminium frame system, soft-grip sole for secure standing, maximum weight capacity 330 Lbs
  • INDIVIDUAL HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT - quick-lock, telescopic rails and feet, enabling flexible adjustment in length and height depending on the height and depth of the step, with integrated bubble level
  • EXTRA COMFORT - when folded, the platform has a depth of 2.4 in and fits almost anywhere for easy storage, easily removable and stowable due to two convenient carrying handles
  • UP TO 10 YEARS WARRANTY - the work platform comes with a 10-year warranty for private use and a 3-year warranty for commercial use
  • INNOVATIVE & SAFE - suitable for most straight and spiral stairs, quickly folded and unfolded, height 21.3 - 31.5 in, length 39.4 - 47.2 in, installation with 28.0 in, weight 19.8 Lbs

The Hailo stair ladder stand platform leveler is designed for your step stool and step-ladder needs. If you have a step ladder and wondering how to use them on the stairs, this staircase platform leveler is the solution for you.

The leveler is made high-quality and durable aluminum material to ensure the platform can handle all the weight. Furthermore, it’s designed with an anti-slip screen printing plate, so the leveler and the ladder do not slip off.

Additionally, the hailo leveler platform can also be used on both spiral and straight stairs. It is lightweight with a weight of 20 pounds, which facilitates moving around when working. Its also designed with two handles that are skillfully incorporated in the work platform to ease carrying and storing.

You can adjust the platform to different lengths depending on your needs, thanks to the quick-release telescopic rails and feet. This leveler platform can carry a maximum weight of 330 pounds.

User love that this stair ladder stands leveler platform is very easy to assemble for use and disassemble for storage. However, the leveler is only suitable for a small step ladder and nothing more than 4 step ladders. There are also some complaints that the platform legs don’t lock firmly in place. So your own consciousness is a plus while working.

7. Ladder Accessories 600c Ladder Leveler Pair

Xtenda-Leg® Ladder Leveler with Rubber Feet Orange Meets OSHA Safety Standards ANSI 14.8
  • OSHA Approved, safely use ladders on stairs or uneven surfaces; Fast adjustment leveling a ladder
  • Used for Building Materials & Ladders, ladder-accessories accessories
  • The item is manufactured in United States

Looking for a ladder leveler solely for indoor use like painting high walls or changing lightings? well, then this is the ladder leveler for you. The pair from ladder accessories is unique and functional.

These levelers are very easy to use as they require simple, one-time installation. You need to attach these levelers to your ladder’s feet, and you are good to go!

You can then adjust to the desired height and lock them in place to use. These levelers can extend up to a height of 8.5 inches in height.

These ladder levelers are perfect for use indoors and outdoors. They can be used for stairs, uneven ground, and angled rooftops. This staircase ladder leveler can also pair with different ladders, such as aluminum and fiberglass, and extension ladders.

These levelers are made of high-quality steel, which is sturdy to withstand the weight. The base is made using silicone, which does not slip to hold the levelers in place during use. The only downside of these levelers, according to users that it’s too short for some users.

Where to buy ladder-aide?

Ladder aide for stairs is not very challenging to find though you need to be careful to get a high-quality product to withstand the weight without collapsing. Amazon is a recommended online marketplace to start your search for the best ladder leveler. The good thing about shopping on Amazon is you can find various levelers to choose from, different sellers, and a wide range of prices for you.

ladder leveler for stairs

You can also shop ladder aides from a local retail shop near you. You will be lucky to find a ladder leveler or two, but these shops usually have limited stock., even they are not capable of offering a wide variety of items to choose from.

The prices may also not be as flexible. Lucky for you, we have already outlined the best ladder aides for stairs, so you only need to order from Amazon.

Lastly, it’s very important to understand the ladder angle rule before going to work on such an unfavorable terrain like stairs, so I’ve also published a resourceful article on the proper ladder angle rules, you must want to check it today.


Although ladders are very handy, there are some situations when they can be very dangerous for your safety. Ensure that you have a high-quality staircase ladder leveler from a reputable manufacturer when you need to use a ladder on uneven ground. Learn more about how to use a ladder on uneven ground.